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No dice on that perfect floating pic when it's low tide. Also, go there and eat some fresh rice crackers 🀀. #miyajima #itsukushimashrine #japan #torrigate #byedemons

I would die for this creamy goddess right now #jetlagcravings #tomyum #bangkok #thailand #thaifood

When you are up in the clouds and a stranger takes a pic of you taking a picture so you can help him take one after πŸ€£πŸ™‡πŸ½β€β™€οΈ #japan #miyajima #miyajimaisland #mountaintop #misen @dametraveler

"Seeing" what happened then, you wonder why nuclear weapon is STILL a relevant topic and a threat to mankind (thanks, "world leaders"). The museum was truly a good storyteller (as you can expect from the Japanese), which made my afternoon really depressing - the terrifying event was discussed from atop, politically and as an historical event, but personal belongings of victims are also displayed, telling their stories as individuals, including children's. I could barely go through all the exhibits. I'm glad I wasn't the only visitor tearing. #hiroshima #japan #historylessonkindaday

Early bird gets the worm. Early Chrissy gets giant spπŸ•·πŸ•Έ and the β›© {almost all}to herself. #kyoto #japan #fushimiinari #shrine #umbrellaisagoodshield

Made up for not making it here last time in Kyoto! It's as beautiful as I've always imagined. I went after 6 to avoid the daytime crowd πŸ™Š ps WHY are spiders everywhere in Japan and why are they XXXXXXL?! #iamsobrave #bambooforest #kyoto #japan #arashiyama #tenryuji

Nodoguro - a rare white fish that melts in your mouth (think fatty tuna) stole my heart today. they told me it's well known n best to get in this area of japan. Thank you for one of the best omakase of my life 🍣😍. And great encounter @uranhirosaki ! #kanazawa #otomesushi #nodoguro #sushi #omakase #kanazawafood #japan

A day in a magical mountain. The highest point in Thailand reached πŸ’(by car, so not that proud). The most beautiful 300m trail ever!! Don't remember the name of the waterfall tho πŸ€” #thailand #chiangmai #forest #stoprainingalready #cloudforest

What I learned today on my eating break: there are 7 hill tribes in Thailand and we visited a KAREN hill tribe village. The grandma was sooo cute n posed for us 😍 and of course I forced the kids to play with me. Their houses are lifted above ground for storage, usually only got one room with the fire pit in the middle and everyone sleeps around it. They got a Christian church and the forest is their world. There is now a gov. project so the ladies would do some needles work. As the younger generations are moving out to the modern world,our guide believe that hill tribes may no longer be around in couple decades. #chiangmai #thailand #hilltribe #village #simplelife #southeastasia @aeroplan #withaeroplan

"You can't get lost if you don't care where you are!" Spent Day one in #chiangmai randomly walking around. It's a city with many faces. #Thailand #northernthai #southeastasia #temple

Thank you for showing me ur new home and glad to see that ur so happy and settled! Happy bday bruh!!

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