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safe space  Welcome! :3 •Going to @slimerodeo and @slime.foracause! •Reviews/trades closed •Please read FAQ on @popularbutter

This is moon rock fuzz for @slimerodeo 😍

Type “Liz’s hands are the” and hit predictive until it makes a full sentence.
Liz’s hands are the best game ever since it’s free. HUHHHHH

Slimes that I’ll be bringing to @slimerodeo!
Here’s a quick pic of the slimes I’ll be bringing to Slime Rodeo! They’ll be the same prices as SITC. This time, I’m ONLY bringing 8 oz sold for $13. I will also bring some 8 oz grab bags sold for $12 (you can get either a fuzz, fluff, butter, thick, or floam slime). The grab bags will only be slimes that ARE NOT on this list.
There will be wristbands of different swirl colors with my official registered username and a cute motto “spread butter and love”. I’ll post a pic of the wristbands soon!

Sparkly Nog Cream Butter 😍 scented egg nog

The floofy version of: Therapeutic Mint Butter! Scented cucumber and mint tea 🍃 Sold at SITC!
I’m currently making a few slimes for Slime Rodeo... jk I only made 1 type >:)
How r yalllll?
EDIT: oops that’s just some food coloring :P

Peach Beach Fluff 🍑
Scented bahama fizz which smells like Haribo’s pineapple gummies.
Ugh u guys SITC was wayyyy too fun yesterday!!

Can’t wait for @slimerodeo next Sunday 😵

Wanda Slicc (Thick Slime) scented raspberry lemonade
Cover inspired by Kaitlyn!
I’ve still got a few more hours to go until I arrive at the convention center hotel. Is anyone arriving there today? (I look like I just got out of bed tho so hopefully I’m able to change before I see anyone)

Toasted Marshmallow Fluff
Scented sweet marshmallows

Cosmo Slicc (thick slime)
Scented pear berry!
Hmm in this vid, the slime isn’t that glossy. After transit from New York to Chicago, it’ll def be supa nice then ;-)
Will be at @slimersinthecity TWO days!!
Cover inspired by my awesome girly @softrockslimes 😁

Blue Razz Fuzz! Scented Blue Jolly Rancher😏
Will be sold at @slimersinthecity in THREE DAYS!😀

Good afternoon everyone. I just wanna say how grateful and humble I am to have every single one of you supporting me! It’s been such a long journey and I want to give back the love that all of you guys have given me. 💝💘💖💗💓💞💕❣️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 Have a great day 😁

Asteroid Space Floam 💫
Scented a mix of pink sugar, raspberry and cupcake.
Will be in @slimersinthecity !

How was your day?

ButterPop Fuzz/Floam
Scented hot buttered popcorn 🍿 ughhh this smells so gooooood🤤🤤
Will be sold at @slimersinthecity, can’t wait!

Describe your favorite day(s) at elementary school. I loved field day, where the upper grade classes were split into two teams and raced each other. There were other games such as bean bag race and a race with an egg. Another day I enjoyed was game day when everyone brought in a board game. I would always play Operation, while my friends played the board game I brought in, Monopoly. Wow this brought back so many memories haha, missing the good ol days.

Mint Mocha Fluff
Scented mint mocha 🍫 🍃
This will be sold at @slimersinthecity ! I also posted a story full of slimes I will be bringing to the event. Go check that out!😋 Hope you all have a great day.

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