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safe space  Welcome! :3 •Next restock February 25, at 12 pm est •Reviews/trades closed •Questions about your order? Contact me via Etsy.


Good afternoon 😸
How was your day?
List your favorite snacks! They could be underrated, your-country snacks. I wanna try some! Also if you do comment a few “international” snacks, describe what they taste like and where to get it!
My mom always buys snacks from our local Chinese supermarket. I love the little malt ball crackers, Pocky, and roasted wasabi green peas!🤤
Next restock this Sunday at 12 pm est

Whipped.. kinda?
What are you interested in?
I used to be (still am) fascinated by how outer space works and astronomy 😍😍 I’ve always searched up how wormholes and black holes work. Silly me, I’ll never be able to see one anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️
Next restock this Sunday at 12 pm est

If you guessed foam beads.... ta da!
It’s a meh kind of slime and will probably be included as extras for future restocks.
How’s your Tuesday been?! I haven’t done anything productive but have you? I set a reminder to finish an essay but I always tell it to remind me one hour later.. it’s been a few hours ripp
My next restock is this Sunday at 12 pm est! It’ll be a fairly small one.

Part dos of my 400k celebration haha
This was the result of the previous mixing video. Enjoy this color before I add something else to it ;-)

400k!!!! 😘😮😮😮😅❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you all for being a part 😘 here’s a special 400k video that I spent 30 minutes preparing haha
Idk what the little smiley faces r lmao I tried making a cat but that was too tedious. Enjoy this post!!😘🎉
(Ps. All orders from yesterday’s restock have been packaged and ready to ship tomorrow morning!

Caramel fondue for two fluff
Scented caramel cheesecake
Ahh so close of 400k😭😭 tysm everyone for following me on this gr8 journey!
Describe your most recent dream/scariest one.
I literally always wake up after a nightmare and I say to myself “alright I’m gonna tell my dad and friend about this”. Then I go back to sleep and wake up not remembering my dream 🤨 AND IT WAS AN INTERESTING DREAM!!
Restock is in about THREE hours! 6 pm est.

Late night (kinda) sizzles featuring... *drumroll please* cupcake mousse whip! Cupcake scented 🍰
This will be in tomorrow’s restock at 6 pm est!
In order to assure you grab a slime, make sure to have all your personal info ready, such as shipping address and payment method. I find that paypal works the best but if you do not have one, entering the card number is fine as well. Also I’ve seen a lot of people say that they can’t add an item into your cart. Try using a desktop/laptop rather than a mobile device!
There’s also another lil hack on @popularbutter (Not the inflating) about the reviews/listings. Just scroll down a bit

Scented apple crisp
(Yes I changed the name and scent for those who saw the other name on my story)
Good afternoon! What are your plans for this amazing Saturday afternoon?
I’m lowkey proud of this video but I’m still too aggressive D: Turn up your volume to hear those sizzles!
Watch till the end for a little batch!
Restock tomorrow at 6 pm est, restock list will be posted today in the afternoon🤗

Happy Friday and Lunar new year!
Did you get red envelopes today?
I’ve finished making and packaging all my slimes pre restock on Sunday! There’s over the usual quantity of slimes I make so hopefully most of you guys can grab one! (List will be posted tomorrow afternoon)
The time of my restock is at 6 pm est rather than the usual 12 pm est.

Hello peeps :D
Technically it’s a Friday today for me bc my break starts. That also means I’ll have to be working the wholeee day tmr :-)
Have you ever watched a Ted talk? If so, name your fav one.
I’ve been obsessed with those talks lately 😅
Next restock this Sunday at 6 pm est(rather than the usual 12 pm est)

Sunset daiso mixing :0
Happy Valentine’s Day! Featuring a slime video that will definitely help set the mood with your significant other 😏
I’m a single pringle little chip but that doesn’t mean i don’t love each and every one of you😘😘
Next restock FEB 18 at 6 pm EST (rather than the normal 12 pm bc I want to give others a chance at grabbing a slime! This will also be a huge restock)

Sent to me from @floreal.slimes this slime has amazing bubble pops and soft crunch!! Only thing I would recommend is to have the foam pieces a lil smaller, other than that, thank you!! @floreal.slimes

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