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Poppy Angeloff  💍 Jewelry is about to get magical... 🗝 Stay tuned for clues on how to access our invisible boutique!

🌸🌾🌿 #Flowers: my forever inspiration. When I design, their delicate shapes and happy colors are always on my mind. 🧠 These handmade beauties will adorn a gown I’m wearing this weekend for our #hydrangeas themed Baby Shower/??? I’m going to post the aesthetics behind the event on this account as a glimpse inside my creative world.

Do you have a favorite flower?

Welcome, beautiful people! 👋 We’d like to get to know you better. Tell us your favorite gemstone in the comments - doesn’t have to be one listed in the chart! 💎

Color is at the heart of everything we do! 💜🧡💚💙💗💛❤️

We’d love to see what treasures were kept inside this antique jewelry box! We picture lots of pearls and opals... 💍📿 #antique #treasurechest

Pansy: the ever-blooming symbol of Poppy Angeloff. You’ll see it adorning our packaging, website and even incorporated into the designs. Did you know that back in Victorian times, pansies meant ‘I love you’ or, rather, ‘I think of you’? Because when drooping, a wild pansy’s flower resembles the downcast head of a person absorbed in thought.

Linguistically, the meaning of ‘pansy’ comes from the French pensée, which can be translated as ‘thought’. When giving a gift of pansy, whether jewelry or the flower itself, you’re saying ‘you occupy my thoughts’ or even ‘think of me, remember me’. In modern times, we think that pansy means ‘UNFORGETTABLE’! 🌸 —> Scroll through to some of our favorite colorful pansies! #poppyangeloff #victorian #pansy

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