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Molly Burns  On Instagram straight flexin

the boys are back in town

My fellow intern at The Daily Show

Happy birthday to my baby child who I will forever feed yogurt in the hospital when she needs it! #blackandwhite

Morning commute.

He's coming to @stressfactory next week!!!!! Check out stressfactory.com for tickets for Anthony Jeselnik, Joel McHale, Marlon Wayans and more!!!!!!!

This is a photo of one of the many nights Char and I would stay home in sweatpants and watch Trailer Park Boys, the realest relationship goals. Today is her birthday therefore a day for celebration! Happy 23rd Char!!! I hope you had the best day and have an even better year ahead! ❤️❤️❤️

My grandfather and I only had one real conversation before he passed away. I was 10 years old when he told me that there is so much wasted energy in this world on hate and it is exponentially easier to just love one another. Last year, I got this sentiment tattooed on my wrist to both commemorate him and as a reminder that all we really need in this world is love. A mass shooting is defined as the death or injury of 4+ people in a shooting excluding the perpetrator. There have been 29 classified mass shootings in the last 30 days. That is a manifestation of far too much hate. Gun control is a necessity. Gun control does not mean gun confiscation. It does not mean the government will come knocking at your door to take away your hunting rifle. It means that there is no reason an average American should have the right to purchase and own 10 automatic weapons. Absolutely nothing good could possibly come from that much weaponry therefore it needs to be under CONTROL. The argument always is "I need a gun to protect myself from other people with guns." Not a person at that concert had 10 automatic weapons on them threatening the life of Stephen Paddock so what exactly was he protecting himself from? 60 human lives are lost because people are more interested in protecting their Second Amendment right unconditionally than protecting each other. How many times does hate have to win before we stop asking "Why has this happened?" and start asking "What can we do to prevent this from happening again?"

Black out for the black girl❤️ My person is leaving me for bigger and better things but I couldn't be prouder!! Love you bby! Saks is lucky to have you❤️❤️❤️

Over here praying that you have an amazing birthday! Even though you're 22 and irrelevant to the world now you're still my Number 1! Happy Birthday Bubbles❤️❤️❤️

From basements to bars, our livers and friendship made it to 21!

Dreams come true in Studio 8H

My best friend is finally 21 so I think it's time the internet finally saw this picture. Happy birthday friend! Thank you for the last 11 years and here's to many more❤️❤️❤️

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