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AleksandrGordeevAleksandrovich  the art of looking awkward. full-time modeling and being ridiculous. 🇷🇺Tann (ma) 🇫🇷 Premium 🇬🇧 NEXT 🇩🇪 Nest 🇮🇹 Fashion 🇯🇵 Image


Autumn postcard.

Work for @fender @fender_jp part two.

And i proclaim the reason why i’ll have to fly.

How much time i spend in social media? I’m very addicted to it. Here i trying to show it advisedly exaggerated weird and ridiculous. Here is nothing happening during i’m in this act of “meditation”, same in the reality. Only my body going down in natural way by tiredness and gravity. Same in the reality with my spirit, it’s going down to do anything in this life. full version where i stare at you within 47 minutes( link in bio) . Why 47? Because, my plan was one hour, and i actually did it, but in fact my phone turned off cause of charge and i even didn’t notice that.

Whats your favorite part of your own organism? Mine obviously is stomach. @fender

Tokyo postcard. Postcard it is collection of all my shapes during certain period of time. What i am doing, feeling and thinking. I collecting not memories but feelings, which can be arise by my postcards. It is like time traveling within your body.

Latest work for @fender , @fender_jp

It’s honor for me to be an object of someone’s inspiration, especially this, kind of, beautiful person in all ways @artychevauchery. I’m in love with this work. Second pic - ph @sashagvilia, style @sgorshynov.

I am so happy about this shooting for @oystermagazine where i am like an artist, not like a model( but obviously i am a model, everywhere, especially model of behavior, but who cares). Thank you so much lovely @kurt__johnson for casting/styling and cheering me up to be an artist. @richarddowker for pictures and good talks, @mwhite_makeup for makeup, @eliotmcqueen for hair.

что-то происходит и мы что-то по этому поводу думаем.

Время - это искусство.

Like i said i know nothing about the future but i am pretty sure it is exists. If not i will set it up.

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