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Jesse James  glorified welder

"Art becomes a spiritual process depending upon the degree of commitment that you bring to it. Every experience becomes direct food for your art. Then your art teaches you about life." ~Nick Bantock

Current mood..

Ending the work day on a high note. Banging steel at 30 yards(no sights just @jessejamesfirearms & @jessejamesammo accuracy) #Bueno #jessejames

Remember when TV was really good? I sure do. I clearly remember watching Motorcycle Mania In the editing bay the night before it aired. With Jeff Eberts and his dad Jake Eberts. I couldn’t believe a TV network was actually going to put that on the air. I was petrified of what people would think. I know I said whatever I felt and did whatever the hell I wanted to do, but I was still petrified. That all changed in less than 24 hours, and TV was changed. I also learned a very valuable lesson. Good or bad Always tell it like it is, and always be myself. Fast forward to Motorcycle Mania 3 a few years later. What a great time I had riding with my friend @kidrock I guess looking back on it now. It had some things that are impossible for “reality shows” to fake. Friendship, Love, Sadness, Perseverance and above all it had Comradery between Bobby and Myself. I think that’s what translated the most... #jessejames

Last night in Mexico with my Girl Gang. It’s been such a great and much needed few days off. They sure do make my life sweet. For sure he biggest reasons I work so hard. I’m one Lucky guy! #jessejames

“Rest and be thankful” ~William Wordsworth

I have to admit just like everyone else I was a little taken back by the line up of new @harleydavidson models. I knew because of its non robot welded frame the standard Softail would eventually get the axe. I also know the Dyna has been a slow seller for years. No surprise both are history. So mostly out of curiosity I had to snag a new Fatboy with the New 114ci Milwaukee 8 engine. Initial impressions are its overall quality and design do not translate in pics. They bike is really nice in person. Lots of details and very clean design work. It still retains those original Fatboy classic elements but in modern form. Seat and bar position fits my 6’3” frame just fine, I might flip the risers around just to lean forward a tad more. Riding this bike is the real story. I would venture to say this is probably the best bone stock @harleydavidson I have ever ridden. Smooth, quiet drivetrain and plenty of power. Taking a quick ride with my wife I was surprised that how well it worked with a passenger. Suspension and handling were not upset at all. In fact (to her joy) I could ride the way I normally ride with her in the back. So with all the squealing and crying a few months ago about Harley changes. I’m hear to say. The changes are spot on. The bike is a big sign of positive progress in a post Willie-G Harley. All is right in the world. Now I just need to make a M8 CFL frame! Great Job @jamesgangracing and @harleydavidson Tipping my hat to you. #jessejames

"As a young boy I ambled into the workshop of my grandfather...took a hammer and wanted to get going.
However, my grandfather took the hammer from my hands and said: `If you want to forge, start off by doing your own hammer. A proper blacksmith always produces his own tools.'" ~ Alfred Habermann

#TBT Hanging out with a Living Legend Richard “Richy” Overton. My friend Rocky took me to meet Richy for the first time a couple years ago when he was 109!! I figured since he was a WWII vet I would take a couple WWII guns for him to check out. Pretty funny when he grabbed the M1 Garand he said “I remember this gun being way heavier”. I could only imagine how heavy those things got after a few months/years. That day he told me the coolest story about him and his dad watching the returning WWI Troops march up Riverside Drive into Camp Mabry in 1918. He said it was a sight to see. As soon as Mabry was in sight they all came to attention and marched in perfect formation. Must have been Amazing to see. Also keep in mind they had Marched all the way from Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. Back when Men were Men. I need to go see him soon and take him some booze and Hava Tampas. #jessejames

Glory... I believe for anyone that chooses to go down the path of being a craftsman. It’s a bait and switch situation. But for those that really do it? The road is lined with failure, monotony, boredom, loneliness, and extreme repetition. I think most people have this misconception that when you set out to make things for a living. It’s going to be nothing but glory. People are going to mail you big sacks of money and you’re going to be walking on huge stage accepting big awards, everybody’s going to be fawning over everything they do. The truth and reality couldn’t be more farther from that. The occupation is more hard work than 99.999% of people expect. Most just mail it in and never get better. Just do things “good enough” or “F-That! This customer isn’t paying me to do that much”. Or “my boss is a dick” so why even try?? Sound familiar??Although there is great satisfaction in this occupation, but most of that Glory is experienced when nobody is around, building Little tiny things that nobody will ever see. I know sometimes I come off a little preachy in the stuff I write, but don’t ever forget that I’m telling most of the stuff to myself as if I was talking into the mirror. It’s the things I need to hear myself that day. Today I need to stop thinking about all the big things to finish and start chipping away at all the small things. That is the only way to get it “all” done. To finish all of that little monotonous stuff that nobody cares about takes a special kind of person. I’m a firm believer to be great and do great things. It takes 50% skill and 50% heart. I really think the person that loves what he does in his heart, and does it purely for himself and the pride in his work. That to me is the best kind of craftsman who turns out the Best of the Best work. So what I’m saying is: Skills are just tools in your toolbox. The “person” that uses those skills makes the biggest difference. Work hard to hone both of those things(Skills & Heart) and you will be unstoppable at work and life.


Well hello There... 😘✨

Now this is what I call customer service!! These two Bad Mofos drove all the way from the thumb of Michigan to bring us a NEW Super Size @evenheatkilns So now we can heat treat more that just 15 @jessejamesculinary Chef knifes at a time(big log jam in the system) They Also brought one of the Brand Spank’n New Salt Bath Kilns with the New touch screen that has an App!! This sucker will make heat treating Knives and Damascus even Quicker and Cleaner! Thanks Guys! You guys Rule! Follow them to check out the badass programmable Heat Treat ovens ——> @evenheatkilns

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