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Just a heads up. Those good times you're waiting for, or that easy road, or that long prolonged time of drama free living. It's Never going to happen. Things in this life are never going to be easy. The road is never going to be smooth. Drama will always be there right over the horizon.
What will change is You. The ability to strengthen your tolerance for all the hiccups that life brings on a daily basis. The wisdom to overlook petty bullshit like traffic or a wrong lunch order,or somebody that owes you money, and not let it ruin your day. I personally have never even cared about gas prices. Even when I had No Money, I knew I needed to go places in my car. So I just got what I could afford, and kept rolling for as far as I could go.
So don't get bogged down by this normal life. Don't think everyone and everything is out to get you. It's always going to be You vs the world till the day you die. Build up your armor and battle through it as it comes. Don't ever wait for things to get easier. Get stronger so it makes it easier.

Sold off some of my benchwarmer cars. Now I need a new ride bad. Can't wait for @roadstershop to get my 64' Polara (bubbletop Mopar) done. Twin Turbo Hemi with a 6-Speed should do the trick. Thanks for the flick! @austinweiss

Happy Anniversary to my Baby @alexisdejoria Four Solid years of Hot Rods & Nitro cars, Guns!, Cool Motorcycles, Grease & Dirt, Too many dogs, Growing kids, Unknown Adventures, Saturday Sushi, A Monkey Son, and Most of all....Love. #jessejames

"The real risk is not changing. I have to feel that I'm after something. If I make money, fine. But I'd rather be striving. It's the striving, man, it's that I want." ~ John Coltrane

Ok first batch of 4 Damascus Chef Knifes Heat Treated and Tempered. Now on to etching and final finishing. Pretty happy with the patterns so far. #jessejames

First Damascus Chef Knife fresh out of the quench. So Exciting! #jessejames

Cisco was my fierce and ever loyal shop Pitbull at West Coast Choppers in Long Beach. It made perfect sense to keep his legacy going by naming our #JJFU 1911 the "Cisco".... Gives some history behind the name. New #JJFU "Cisco" baseball Tee available Now on www.JJFU.com Or click the link in my Bio to get one ------>

Coming into Monday like.......

"She had no need to ask why he had come. She knew as certainly as if he had told her that he was here to be where she was." ~ Leo Tolstoy

Despite the Untrue Rumors that @realdonaldtrump shut down @PBS We are moving ahead Full Force with our @PBS Special featuring a collaboration between Master Metal Artist @paleystudios and Myself. By the difficulty and enormous size of the project I can tell this will be some great TV. Also please follow our amazing sponsors that are making this happen ----> @esabweldingcutting @americanweldingsociety

I hope errrrrr body has a good ma'fuckin St. Patrick's Day. And when u out thurr may you find your Leprechaun and shake all the gold outta his bitch ass.. #Newport

Happy St. Patty's Day from @patron 🍀🍀🍀@alexisdejoria

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