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My Favourite people on my happiest day! #jorliegoodtime #家家有囍

Haha lazy bride is finally posting photos! Super throwback to last Oct of #家家有囍 #jorliegoodtime ❤️

来,我们去wedding! 🍔smiles for a happy sunday😍 #jorliegoodtime

Say hello to my cravings for the week 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃 #jorliegoodtime

我很 cute有没有😂

Sometimes I think I have that little bit of talent HAHA. Ok no lah haha painting is hard 😂

Marrying you makes me the happiest person on this big big earth ❤️ Becos we fight like tom and jerry, love like peanut butter and jelly and; like NaCl and H2O our chemistry is like beyond the fiery missile 😂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAVOURITE HUBBY! Come home soon😢 #jorliegoodtime

Rolled back home after a day of thunderstorm to find a hidden letter under the blankie from the hubby who has to stay in camp for the coming nights ❤️

Finally I got some wifi from the mainland 😂 cruise really a bit the boring... I am a city girl😌 #jorliegoodtime

A place somewhere out there that feeds you with blue tutu kueh 😌

When 1+1=3 😌 a happy day with my Favourite person ❤️ #jorliegoodtime


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