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Elad Nehorai 


Thank you so much to @lilafineart for this beautiful drawing depicting our creative farbrengen last night! So beautiful.

Absolutely in love with my wife’s latest painting inspired by our scary experience last week with our daughter’s injury. Here’s what she wrote about it: .
“After a long week last week, today I was meditating today on the weight that comes from parenting. Wondering how much of that is what I take in, the responsibility I put on myself for that which is beyond my control. Separation while attached is so important, yet so complicated. Watercolor and some acrylic on paper.” .
You can follow her beautiful art on her account: @rivkanehorai

Naomi wants everyone to know she’s doing very well and is super thankful to everyone who wished her well :)

Our four year old daughter got her hand cut on the ice maker in the freezer. It happened when I was out, so I only saw her when she was bandaged up by Hatzalah, the organization that operates as a sort of ambulance service for Jewish communities.
She was crying when I arrived and her leggings and face were caked in dry blood. The guys from Hatzalah told me she had a really deep gash and needed stitches. They recommended a place in Williamsburg, which would be really fast in responding.
We drove through the area in a Lyft while I played a video to distract my girl. I figured she was okay, that her being calm was a really good sign. I was pretty calm. But I’m also generally calm in these situations, often because of a certain fear of admitting that something may actually be seriously wrong.
When we arrived, we came to this waiting room full of Hasidic women and children. I was the only adult male there. I spoke to woman at the front desk who was nice, and promised to get my daughter in quickly. And in only 5 minutes, we were in the office of the doctor.
I have never seen someone so sweet and delicate with children as this woman who cared for my daughter. It felt like such a relief to see my daughter, calm but with scared eyes, he taken care of someone who cared so much about her and spoke in gentle, sweet tones as she cared for her.
Then she removed the bandage. It was the first time I had seen my daughter’s injury. And any strength I had left me. I had never seen a cut so deep. And in my poor, 4 year old little girl of all people. I almost cried, but then I heard her crying from seeing it herself and realized it was my job to stay strong and distract her. We decided to talk about what kind of candy she’d get when we got home.
The woman told me she needed to check with a hand surgeon. It was possible she had cut some nerves and would need surgery, not just stitches. I nodded and held back a wince. I returned to talking to my daughter about candy until Rivka arrived.
Instantly my daughter got calmer and happier. Her mother was there, watching over her. And I, on the other hand, felt the emotions I had been holding back rush into me. (More in comments)

Just ran into the print @jdforward magazine at Pearlstone and found my own article stating me in the face. There is something so beautiful and powerful about print. Makes it so much more real. #writerslife

Aaaaah Jews. #malibu #retreatology

Was invited to the UN today for an incredible #Holocaust exhibition I’ll be writing about later. For now, here is another incredible exhibit that was next to it. Mind blowing. #nofilter

I feel like these guys don’t get how thermometers work.

Seen on the ground in #Brooklyn tonight. Love it. Need more such random reminders.

Mother-daughter time on #hanukkah night.

Tiny ladies. Big elephants.

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