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Elad Nehorai 

OMG it’s Devon!!!

10 years since I’ve been able to visit where this whole Jewish journey started. So so good to farbreng with the man who taught me what a farbrengen is again.
Thank you, Shmuel. Thank you for being there for me always and for helping me find my neshama.

Rabbi Herschel Gluck is a Hasidic rabbi in London who is constantly working to build bridges with other communities.
He also is a constant ray of light in his own community, reminding us of the calls in our own beliefs to treat others with respect and dignity.
He’s a hero.

#whatimreading and the random bookmarks I use cause my two year old keeps stealing the normal ones.

Since we became a nation, we Jews have thought that protection by powerful nations is how we’d survive.
And back then, the answer was the same as it is today: when that protection comes at the cost of our morality, we are put in more danger, not less.
Because it is not the nations who protect us. And when we forget that, we forget who we are and why we should even care about our preservation. (Images from “The Prophets” by Heschel).

Ran into an impromptu memorial to #anthonybourdain in the city today. It was truly touching. And a testament to the power of his voice.

Brooklyn, baby. #happyfourthofjuly

In love with this quote.

If you can march for your own, you can march for others.

If you can speak up for your own, you can speak up for others.

If you can see divinity in your own, you can see divinity in others.

If you can create a better world for your own, you can create a better world for others.

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