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Poorpeoplefedup  Trying to free minds

Organized Slavery, it never ended, it just got sophisticated

Wanted his job back? Why? To kill someone?

Cat worked out different equations and calculations 😂😂

Organized Slavery

I posted one and that really moves my spirit👍🏽

Video man said he got it, but his video is all over the place. The revolution, It’s beginning

Another lying piece of crap, they’re all there for personal gain

Cop says he’s never seen harassment yet, I think this qualifies!

Put the gun down, Gun is put down, what happens next?

Damn foreigners always making good stuff overseas, but can’t make America Great Again, whenever that was!

Minorities in the US might have to invest in this, instead of the iPhone or bling

Former slaves or prisoners, the site should have been protected.

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