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Royal | Glowing • I really know that it’s a privilege to be able to do all this traveling. But I love it so much, like today for example as we were exploring Muscat and the Royal Palace. Thank you life for this opportunity!

Goat | Life

Higher | Ground • “At the Top” of the incredible Burj Khalifa with an amazing sunset in the background. Dubai leaves me astonished. Even after my third visit!

Desert | Heart

Vacation | Mode • Vacation starts today and I need it so badly ... Two days left until the next flight 🙌 (#jogginghosarbeitslos)

Eilean | Donan • #Throwback to a wonderful vacation in Scotland back in 2006. We were traveling around that beautiful country and enjoyed all the nature and the castles.

Angry | Bird • If you've ever wondered what I look like when I'm angry or at least annoyed: et voilà 😠😂

Vanilla | Sky

Dreamy | Me • „About last night“ or what happens if I don’t pay attention to my colleagues around ...

Golden | Fields

Heimat | Liebe • Back in my hometown. It’s always nice to do a walk at the canal street and the mill. That’s homeland love for me.

Shapes | Patterns

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