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Red | Yellow • When all is getting grey outside, bring some color to the world. Have a great Sunday everyone and thank you for more than 2k followers 💊

Shadow | Dawn

Train | Ride • Throwback to the beginning of my last holidays. I’m so looking forward to go on vacation again. But - unfortunately - I’ve to wait for more than two months ☹️

Wide | Open

Back | Home • After 2 weeks of traveling through Bavaria and Italy we are finally back home ... I need holidays soon ✌️

Tower | City

Back | Yard • When you are in Siena you have to walk beside the busy tourist paths. There are so many gorgeous places to discover!! 📷: Frank

Fallen | Angel

Giornata | Colorata • A look back on yesterday’s visit in Firenze (Florence) - a beautiful town full of history. I’m in love with the colors of that marble at the cathedral. 📷: Frank

Picture | Perfect

Nature | Guy • Such a calm walk through the woods in the beautiful region of Chiemgau. I love that! 📷: Frank

Distant | Feeling

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