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O'Shea, O'Shea, & Neuheisel  ▪️The Lads: @oh_hey_oshea @ohnosheadidnt @jackneu ▪️”I wish you were a pool boy.” - Your Dad ▪️⬇️⬇️NEW Talking Pictures Ep. on YOUTUBE

New episode of Talking Pictures is out and it’s a doozy. We’re ranking the best and worst Christmas movies of all time. What’s your favorite Christmas movie? #talkingpictures @poolboy.comedy

Chaz... you dawg! Here’s another one of our first sketches. New stuff coming at ya next week! #poolboycomedy @poolboy.comedy

Unfortunately, we were out of town this week and didn’t have time to record a new podcast. In lieu of that, here’s a clip of us talking Never Back Down. God that movie kicks ass but it did not age well. Link in bio. #talkingpictures #poolboycomedy

Due to poor life choices, we don’t have a sketch this week. So here’s one of the first sketches we ever made for Instagram. If you haven’t seen it, heck yeah. If you have, omfg just pretend you haven’t jeeze relax mom.

#1 way to piss Jack off is to call Thanksgiving “Turkey Day.” What thanksgiving food do you think is a waste of time? Also link to this week’s pod is in the bio!

How many cigs can Jack smoke at once?? Has the commissioner lost his mind?? Have we seen the last Henry?? Tune in next week to find out! @poolboy.comedy

Savages. Absolute SAVAGES. What’s next??? Pooping and peeing in cars? The kitchen? The White House??? #poolboycomedy @poolboy.comedy

One time my friend Todd told me he’s not a morning person and that I shouldn’t talk to him until he’s had his coffee... I never talked to Todd again. #poolboycomedy @poolboy.comedy

Cory/Shawn debate aside, Eric Matthews is the greatest character in the history of modern television #TalkingPictures @poolboy.comedy

It’s free money! What do you expect me to do!?!? @poolboy.comedy

Tag all of your friends that dressed up as Post Malone for Halloween! #TalkingPicturesPodcast @poolboy.comedy Link to website in bio ⬆️⬆️

Is Neu gonna make it to Mexico??? Just how many identical Henrys are there??? Tune in next week to find out... only on... DisneyXD #ThisIsFantasy #poolboycomedy @poolboy.comedy

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