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O'Shea, O'Shea, & Neuheisel  “I wish you were more like those pool boys.” - Your Dad ⬇️NEW PODCAST EPISODDDEE⬇️

Are you still considered nude if you’re wearing nothing but a dope @monsterenergy flatbrim hat??? Find out the answer to this and other compelling questions on this week’s podcast. Link in the bio!

Tune in next week to find out if Henry’s brain transplant is successful and if Mohamed Sanu and the Jags Defense will help get Jack’s team back to .500 @poolboy.comedy #poolboycomedy #fantasyfootball

New episode of the podcast is up and all up in the bio. Neu and Matt saw The Nun, Cardi B threw a shoe and Nikki Minaj, and somebody is trying to kill Post Malone #talkingpicturespodcast @poolboy.comedy

Yes, I peaked in high school @poolboy.comedy #poolboycomedy

@c.mcnerney fills in the podcast this week! Link is in the bio #talkingpicturespodcast @poolboy.comedy

To answer your question: Yes, this is by far the weirdest sketch we’ve done. Tag someone and just say nothing @poolboy.comedy #poolboycomedy

In 2008 my social media was exclusively about apple bottom jeans, and boots with the fur. I regret NOTHING! @poolboy.comedy #poolboycomedy

Colonel Sanders? More like Colonel Beeeeefcake! @kfc new episode is up and in the biography section of this Instagram account #poolboycomedy #talkingpicturespodcast @poolboy.comedy

Even without hair, Richard looks like an absolute manimal, the rare combination of Mr. Monopoly’s well manicured mustache, and the jawline of The Crimson Chin. I bet he takes down a dozen eggs for breakfast #poolboycomedy @poolboy.comedy

Take Ben Gates if you want... without Riley Poole, I don't think it's happening. #poolboypickem #talkinpictures @poolboy.comedy

To put it simply, fuck “The Nun.” This week’s Talking Pictures is uppp. Link is in the biography section of this Instagram account. #talkingpicturespodcast #poolboycomedy

Tag someone who has probably had lengthy discussions about the merits of kettlebells #poolboycomedy @poolboy.comedy

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