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Lisa 🙏🕊🌈🕯📖📝📚👧🏻🎨🎼🛶🌿🐰🎗🇨🇦  45, mother/wife/sister/daughter/aunt/friend, faith/hope/love, direct support professional, cancer survivor, the arts, collector of enchanted things! 💖

The Robins are back!!! Apparently they have opened up their own franchise on my front porch!!! The first ever, “Tim Hortons Fly Through.” 🥚🐣☕️ only in Canada!!! 🇨🇦 #robinsnest #timhortons #timhortonsflythrough #onlyincanada #doubledouble #rolluptherim

@Regrann from @sweetmemories58 - [Spanish/English]

El pasado 14 de abril nuestra tienda cumplió 4 años, y como ya dijimos, queremos celebrarlo con un sorteo en condiciones. Y aquí lo tenéis: un sorteo de vestido y braguitas para Blythe (cuerpos: Licca, stock, Pure Neemo S y M, y Obitsu). Para participar:

1. Síguenos.
2. Comparte esta publicación mencionándonos y con la etiqueta #sm58shopanniversary. Tu perfil debe ser PÚBLICO.
3. Deja un comentario con el número correlativo al anterior que haya.

Si no se cumple alguna de estas condiciones, no podremos teneros en cuenta. Tampoco aceptaremos participaciones de cuentas creadas solo para participar en sorteos.

Haremos el sorteo el día 8 de mayo. ¡Mucha suerte!
Last April 14, our shop turned 4 years, and as we announced earlier this month, we wanted to celebrate it in a special way! So here it goes: a special set of dress and underwear for Blythe (suits Licca, stock, Pure Neemo S and M, and Obitsu). To enter the giveaway:

1. Follow us 👍
2. Share this post mentioning us (@sweetmemories58) and with the hashtag #sm58shopanniversary. Your profile must be PUBLIC
3. Leave a comment with a number (correlative with the previous one, of course)

Not following all these steps will prevent you from taking part. And we won't accept enters from accounts that were created only to share giveaways.

The giveaway will be solved on May 8. Good luck everyone!

#giveaway #blythedressgiveaway #blythegiveaway

@Regrann from @nymphodisiac_dolls - 🇬🇧 Thank you guys for the support, comments, love and joy that you bring to me ❤ So let me thank you with this #GIVEAWAY !
The prize is this leather handbag, designed and sewn by me.
Simple rules:
1. Follow @nymphodisiac_dolls
2. Repost this picture with #nymphodisiac_giveaway2
3. Open accounts and adults only.
Ends: June 20th. Free shipping! Good luck everyone!
P.S. This handbag is for slim msd but you can try it for other sizes (H: 4,5 cm, W: 6 cm, adjustable strap 33 cm max)
🇷🇺 Спасибо за вашу поддержку, комментарии, любовь и радость, что вы дарите мне. В качестве благодарности я устраиваю этот розыгрыш. Приз - эта кожаная сумка, придуманная и сшитая мной.
Правила просты:
1. Быть подписанным на @nymphodisiac_dolls
2. Сделать репост этой фотографии с тегом #nymphodisiac_giveaway2
3. Участвуют открытые аккаунты, где видно, что вы увлекаетесь куклами :) Итоги 20 июня, победитель будет выбран через приложение. Доставка за мой счет. Размеры сумки 4.5 на 6 см, макс.длина ремешка 33 см.
#bjdgram #bjdstargram #leatherbag #bjdbag #bjdgiveaway #giveaway #dollhobby #bjdetsy #dollbag #minifeebag #miniaturebag #handmadeforbjd #handcraftedbag

@Regrann from @blythe_lab - Всем привет! Обьявляю #giveaway! У меня можно сказать юбилей. 100 постов и 900 подписчиков. Как только наберется 1000 подписчиков я разыграю генератором чисел этот комплект. А пока правила... Ставим like. Подписывается на @blythe_lab если еще не подписанны Публекуем на своей странице это фото giveaway с ссылкой на мою страничку. Можно приглашать ( но необязательно) своих друзей чтобы побыстрее разыграть комплект с платьем, подюбником и чулочками. Присваиваем порядковый номер. Поехали! *профиль должен быть открыт когда будет обьявлен розыгрыш*
Giveaway rules: be my subscriber. Give like to this picture. Publish this picture at your page with name @blythe_lab. Invite your friend if you like and give yourself a number. I will draw prise with random number generator when my account will have 1000 subscribers
#blythe #blythecustom #blythdoll #блайзкукла #блайзкастом #блайзомания

light illusions before nightfall~~~ 🌥 #sunset

🕊🙏🌿 the sun is always there even after it sets~~~ 🌞 #sunset #faith #hope #love

Evening~~~ 🌄 #sunset

Can’t compete with this fashionista!!!! ❤️👓❤️ #lovemygirl

Fun at Party City!!! Sophie had a blast!!! 👸🏻🎩👓👩🏻‍🎤🎈#PartyCity #dressup #crowns #tophats #poppy #dressup #makebelieve

More Hand and Hammer silver charms based on Beatrix Potter characters. I’d love to get them all but they are so hard to find!!! 🐰🐷🐤🦊🐱🐭🐸 #beatrixpotter #peterrabbit #handandhammer #silvercharms

I’ve had this Beatrix Potter, Sterling Silver, Charm, bracelet for a few years now, but today was the first day I wore it out in public!!! Quite a heavy piece but really fun to wear!!! I purchased this on eBay, shortly after losing another similar auction, only that bracelet had 18 Beatrix Potter charms on it. And all different characters, too!!! I was devastated by the loss. So I was quite happy when I won this five charm set. Can’t imagine how heavy the other one would have been to wear!!! Someday I’ll post pictures of it, if I can find them on file!!! Had to save, at least those, to remember it by!!! Lol!!! 🐤🐭🐱🐰🐿 #beatrixpotter #peterrabbit #jemimapuddleduck #huncamunca #squirrelnutkin #moppet #sterlingsilver #charmbracelet #vintagejewellery

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