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poohman/Lawrence Thomas  . Aniramusic lable Artist and co-founder /Rlable Inc. Affiliate, CO star of the NEWLINE CINEMA FILM -MENACE TO https://youtu.be/xz9y6nZnJaA

I cleaned up pretty good lol...if I do say so myself lol. @classywomon

I remember morning like this with my mom,this is where her and I bonded,this is where she talked to me about my actions on the streets or In school. I fished with, my mom, so I taught my kids this skill....even my daughters, my nephews and niece's. These little guys have became my extended family....hell or High Water I'll continue this program. Thank you again everyone who helped me accomplish this and have these young men experience something other than the streets of Oakland. @classywomon @photos_by_domo @trugstack @fabbydavis @oaksterdamuniversity

My life...pain ,my path..

Grown up shit....

Down with you doesn't mean except your bullshit...it means point out your Bullshit...and then HELP you correct it....work as a team...never go to sleep angry...communicate....

Am I really supposed to give a fuck about how you feel..I graduated from the" class of doing Me"....

@classywomon love you babe 😚

It was definitely a good day....first fishing trip with the kids was a blast...a couple of bumps but not enough to mention. Thank you to everyone who made this happen...the kids and I appreciate it. @classywomon @photos_by_domo @trugstack @regimegeneral @fabbydavisjr1 @oaksterdamuniversity @e40 @aniramusic

Had a ball yesterday

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