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This girl had to get a palate expander at the orthodontist today, and she was a CHAMP. Barely made a whimper. 👍🏼

Couch, blanket, kitten, iPad. Spring break is starting off pretty aces.

Happy birthday (eve), Pop-Pop!

Apparently older kids get to do a "color run" at their Fun Run. I really shouldn't have bothered making Catie wash her hair last night.

Lucy's first Fun Run! Some kids are competitive by nature & spent the entire time running full-tilt; meanwhile, my girl is out there doing a half-jog/half-skip, mostly looking around to see where her friends are, and coming over to me for hugs & high-fives. 😍

One month in, and it appears the kittens & the dog are pretty ok with each other.

It's awfully cute when the kittens snuggle up together to sleep.

Fun weekend visit with Aunt Tracy!

Fifi is napping in a baby doll carrier. The kittens really seem to think that all of Lucy's toys are theirs.

The kittens seem to think Lucy's baby doll crib is perfect for playing in.

Kittens hard at work on Chris's laptop. (No, this isn't allowed. I moved them after taking the pic.)

I appreciate Lucy's dedication to taking a good selfie.

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