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Badman P  @16weeksofhell 🔥🔥🔥

KÄMPA SVERIGE!!! Matchen mot Brasilien kändes kanske lika omöjlig som matchen mot Tyskland ikväll. Men vi glömmer heller inte bragden i Berlin. Nu vill ve se ett stark defensiv och vi kommer få chanser på fasta framåt. Lycka till Granen & Co 🇸🇪⚽️ #worldcup2018 #swedengermany

Uppsnacket i morse med @morronganget inför dagens viktigaste match, Svergie - Sydkorea. 🇸🇪⚽️🇰🇷 #vimåstevinna #worldcup2018 #fotbollsvm2018 #morrongänget #tgim

So I thought I share this short workout that was basically made for my partner who asked if I could show her some exercises for stronger legs. I'm a firm believer in static training in order to really strengthening the core of your muscles, so we did a mixture of both dynamic & static training - legs, core & back, to get the most out of this workout . So ladies this workout is especially for you this time, but I recommend doing this together with your significant other or even with a friend so you can push each other to the limit & encourage yourself to do your best.

Wishing you all a great weekend 👊🏻🔥 #workoutwithkaamark #BadmanP

"Många bäckar små"
Alla människor och föreningar kan hjälpa till att samla in pengar för att bekämpa cancer. Skaffa ett konto, skaffa swish, precis som min drabbade vän Marcus gjort, och starta även du en insamling. Tillsammans är vi starka! #fuckcancer

Tack för en fantastiskt bra dag & för en viktigt och god sak @matchenmotcancer!!! Tack till mina superba teammates Björn, Tobbe, Kent, kunde inte scorat mycket bättre än vad vi gjorde idag🏆⛳

⛳ 17 timmar golf i 30+ grader och en fantastiskt helg i Mikael Ljungbergs minne, det kan nog inte bli så mycket bättre än så! Otroligt kul & tacksam att få möjligheten att ta del av en sådan fantastisk tillställning som denna. Hoppas vi ses nästa år igen @minnesfonden @hooksherrgard #vartannatvatten #varmt #minnesgolf #brottning #visaknardig #mikaelljungbergsminnesfond #olympicwrestling

Stubben ⛳

Teaching the younger generation how its done😉! This is a simple upperbody/leg workout that you and your kids can do together. All you need is each other and a surface to lay on. Be creative during the holidays ✌🏼

Twinning? 🧐 #brendanfraser #arnoldvosloo

Vila är halva träningen! 🙃

My last question for #16weeksofhell Q&A is up!

I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed posting them. Once again I would like to thank everybody who has followed and supported me through these 112 days. Somedays I wish it didn't have to end , but it's time to go onto new ventures and hopefully I'll be able to contiune to entertain you with my posts & content.

16 weeks of hell has been an exciting journey to say the least. I feel great!
I hope that my journey has inspired you to take the next step to change. Stop telling yourself that you don't have time, call out the bullshit before it's too late. You don't have to be an athlete to to change your lifestyle. Anyone can do this. Put pressure on yourself and make it happen today!

You can do it!!!!

Two more questions to go for this 16woh Q&A! Will be posting the last part later today.

The one problem I feel majority of people will struggle with when creating new life habits, is how to balance work and family life whilst being committed to once own self journey.

Figure it out! Find a routine that works for you and stick with it. You have to be focused and disciplined, new habits take time to develop so don't expect that change will come easy.
I'm lucky to have a great support system by my side but even if this might not be the case for some of you, don't let that hinder you from being the best version of yourself. Your own happiness is as important as anything else. Exercising and taking care of yourself will contribute to more energy, confidence and self esteem, which your surroundings will benefit from. You got this! ✊🏼

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