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Albert  Selkirk Rex. Named after Albert Einstein. Rejected show cat, but I'll show them pompous.albert@gmail.com

So many drawers, so little time. #pompousalbert

Meghan’s not the only royalty in white today. #pompousalbert #royalwedding

Ugh, I didn’t need to know that about Floyd. Clearly, this is where they keep the skeletons. #pompousalbert

Saw this & took the liberty of hoping a famous cat’s IG would be ok @lesterholtnbc @nbcnightlynews she is after all, holding cats. Meow hi @lexijo22

That kitty has got to come out sometime. I’ll be ready. #pompousalbert

Perspective. #pompousalbert

I may look like I’m sleeping, but I’m always aware of my personal space. #pompousalbert

My mom must have been awesome, because I am. Happy Mother’s Day. #pompousalbert

It’s Saturday, I’m fresh out of captions but, I know I have clever subjects, give me your best. #pompousalbert

Been sitting on Ned’s desks for hours now. How’s that fill your precious Hydro flask, bathroom, mingle aka bug people break? #officeworkers #pompousalbert

Do you ever feel you’re being pushed out? A gentle reminder, I still have my claws. #pompousalbert

What can I tell you... it’s Tuesday, I’m bored, never enough treats & that little kitty keeps taking my spots. You? #pompousalbert

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