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Christmas decor by @kim_jongjoo. Share yours!

Time to feel festive. Share your festive photos with us using #pomelocam.
#pomelocamera #festive #festiveseason #beautyplus #xmas

Photo by @anna_halinska

The Couple (photo by JB Justice) @jjslady830

Follow the path of Santa. Are you in the festive mood already? | Photo by @filipmroz

Festive season is coming. Post your festive photos using #pomelocam | Photo by @alisaanton

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We are back! Don’t forget to post your photos using #pomelocam

Flawless 🗻
📷: @stephen_matera

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📷: @ryanjamezlimz

Comment with a ⭐️ to make a wish
📷: @mayra.lopzz

Rainbows & Roses 🌈

📷 @pinkumitsuki

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