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Wow! What a moment! #Moonlight #Oscars #BarryJenkins (picture from @jouelzy)

Spirit Animal. Definition of OTHER. #JanelleMonae #Oscars #BlackGirlMagic

As a true INFP, I'm a little obsessed with researching and learning more about my personality type. I finished The INFP Book in one sitting -- and it was like reading my own biography!We are notoriously reclusive, intuitive, idealistic, individualistic, private, peacemakers, philosophical, creatives (writers), reserved/shy, laid-back, independent, seekers...preoccupied with finding our way, ruthlessly discovering our expertise, and becoming our ideal Self. The list goes on and goes deeper. As one of the rarest of the personality types, I often say, "it ain't easy being an #INFP." What's your type? #books #bookstagram #booklover #introvert

Muse | Happy Birthday

I am captivated by the way this legendary artist sings. So, today, I honor jazz singer Nancy Wilson.
Among her GRAMMYs, Emmy and other awards, "in September 2005, Wilson was inducted on the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame at the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site. Wilson was a major figure in #civilrights marches of the 1960s. Wilson said, 'This award means more to me than anything else I have ever received.'" #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistory365 #NancyWilson

The Creative. The Visionary. The GOAT. Or as @pharrell likes to call her: The Wizard. #Missy #MissyElliott

Baby Basquiat. #Basquiat #Art #Creative #Artist

Happy Birthday to my #1 -- my sister: @ameriie

My baby girl @yarashahidi beautifully channeling my namesake. #sade #blackgirlmagic #folasade #yarashahidi #blackish

Each and every time my eyes have met the images of the President and his family, my heart fills with such wonder, pride and delight. And it is an overflowing. I've been so beholden and elevated by Mr. and Mrs. Obama these past 8+ years -- I've been floating. I cried the first time (and the second time), I'm crying now, and so many joyful tears have fallen in between. The President has positively and DIRECTLY impacted my life and I am grateful to be living at a time such as this. I wish I could live in this moment with total peace as this First family leaves office, unsettled by what's to follow, but I wish THEM a surplus of peace and favor in the next chapter of their lives, and in all of their chapters to come. Thank you, Obamas, for rocking. my. world! The first President I had the pleasure of casting a vote for. The first President whose campaign I supported financially. From this Black girl, thank you, Barack and Michelle, for taking this appointment so seriously and executing it so brilliantly -- so beautifully. You are our wildest dreams realized. #Obamas #POTUS #FLOTUS #ObamaLegacy #BarackObama #MichelleObama #ObamaFarewell #FarewellObama

Happy #WorldIntrovertDay to my fellow introverts.