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Found an awesome drawing by an artist named Ashley Rose and used it for practice. Where are you Ashley? #Drawing #Sketch #Pastime #Art #Ballet # Pointe #AshleyRose #Illustration

"In the book, Beyoncé is every black woman — she’s me, she’s you. Her name is this kind of stand-in for everything that we see and are and how folks see us. That’s why I’m able to have her at the Super Bowl, but also have her talking to my therapist; she can play all of these roles, and in that way there is this interchangeability that becomes interesting: what’s the difference between me and #Beyoncé? The flexibility and slipperiness of using her name to be a stand-in for anyone was compelling to me. It’s really a way for me to get at the fact that black women are so different and can be looked at in so many different kinds of ways, and somehow by using just one name it points to that kind of multiplicity." Morgan Parker via @nymag

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Last night, this happened. And I'm so thankful for the moment. I encourage you to follow my awesomely talented singer/songwriter friend @alex_dimattia!

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