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polyplayground  Game changing app for playing chords and understanding music theory with colors and shapes. User made videos and community of learning here!!!


Lollll "my name is @mikegao" composed by da homie @nehzuil . Playin in Seoul tonight at @soapseoul . Swipe right for rest of my Asia tour 6.14 Kunming 6.15 Beijing 6.16 Shanghai 6.17 Chengdu

To connect #polyplayground to computer and send/receive #MIDI, download midimittr on iPad and midiLE on computer. You may have to kill midimittr in the background and restart it if it drops the connection from inactivity. You can also connect via OSX wifi by opening Audio Midi Settings in OS X and clicking network, then + session and Connect. It is recommended that you make a direct adhoc wifi connection between iPad and laptop for best latency (click wifi icon on mac and create network, then connect iPad to that rather than going thru a router)

@wavegroove back at it again with #polyplayground sessions

This one is #floetry - say yes... Noticed similar voicings in the prev video. Again, this one is a bit tougher/for more advanced Polyplayground users. Beginners should learn the uber everywhere vid from earlier on this acct

Was bumpin this @childishmajor window seat joint and had to figure out the chords... Half step up Erykah badu window seat. Not the simplest voicings to play on polyplayground (except that c# min9 very common) , beginners on the app should go learn uber everywhere and the ultralight beam video that's on this IG from last year

Shout out @sunnova_jap for killin it on #polyplayground

Crush ft Zico Oasis !!! This is on the first day @uncasually really put effort into studying polyplayground with jazz theory by Mark Levine book PDF

@crush9244 - "Hug Me" chords !! @uncasually learned this on her SECOND day of studying the app and me having her use jazz theory by Mark Levine book

Polyplayground user @wavegroove just released his new beat tape "Ascension LP" this past week. Not only is Polyplayground a great performance controller, it is an excellent/fun resource for understanding music theory. Chord progressions and combinations come to mind with ease.

Musiq Soulchild - So Beautiful > Chord play by @wavegroove . Since Polyplayground is an instrument based on learning and memorizing shapes, you too can jam to your favorite tunes and even add a different twist/texture to it.

Drake fakelove chords on polyplayground app

Soundchecking at Webster hall NYC right now!! I play at 12:30

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