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  A network formed to showcase our talented Polynesian Makeup Artist 🌺To be featured send bio along with a photo to Email: Polynesianmua@gmail.com

Any Polynesian Mua's from the Bay that would like to Collab with Polynesian Mua's from LA... DM us and let us know you're interested. If the demand is met The Bay will travel to LA for a meet and greet. If all goes well The Bay would host LA next time for a "LA 2 The Bay" Collab. Serious artist only!! If you know someone who would be down for some fun and learning tag them! #polynesianmua #Mua #baytola #network #networth #polynesian #samoan #tongan #fiji #hawaii #tahiti #maori #talent #letsgo @adamlesimmons @patrickstarrr @gwendolyn.laumatia @yamba_boiz @gg2xs @matalasiskin please tag anyone that may be interested!!! Thank You!

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My Name is Wade-William Ambler
I am Tongan/Samoan mix
I have been working in the industry for 13 years and own WΔ€K The Salon in Newcastle NSW Australia
I have worked in editorial and commercial with both hair and makeup and most recently worked on makeup backstage for five shows with Sigma Pro and Makeup Forever at New York Fashion Week
Here is my most recent year sheet for Lita Magazine with makeup by me on my stunning cousin @mikamoana who is Samoan-Australian
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By @malinita4makeup
A big shout out to the beautiful @matalasiskin @polynesianmua πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ all the way in the USA for this beautiful gift of Kryolan makeup... I can not wait to try it all out! The packaging is so silky smooth! The package includes a concealer wheel, lipstick palette, translucent powder, lipgloss, eye shadow trio, lip gloss eyeshadow pigment and other goodies... THANK YOU FOR THE POLY LOVE🌺😘 #kryolanmakeup #kryolan #polymua #polymakeupartist #tonganmua #tonganmakeupartist #newmakeup #lovemakeup #thankyou

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Bula! My name is Krystle. I was born in fiji but raised in vancouver BC since the age of 1. I've always been into makeup, but since all I did was work work work, I never really got into it. I would only wear it when I went out and ppl would say "omg I love your makeup" or "can you do my makeup" lol but now since I'm at stay at home mom, it has given me the opportunity to practice more and learn more about it. So as of now I've been teaching myself new looks and experimenting with different colors and beating up faces lol. Hopefully one day I'll become a professional mua 😊 thanks for taking the time to read about me, check my IG and follow me. Vinaka. #polynesianmua #fijireppin #vancouvermua #networking #polymuafam

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Siai Faataui-Morales
CEO and Owner of
Matalasi Skin Care & Makeup,llc.
Licensed Esthetician and Creator of the first Polynesian owned skin care line as well as being the first Polynesian owned skin care company in California. Matalasi Skin opened for business in 2013 and continues to grow! Siai has attended numerous conferences, has been a guest speaker at 5 of them and still continues to take skin care education classes to keep up with the latest in the industry. Siai takes pride in being a pioneer of her people in regards to skincare. Siai is an educator for Kryolan Professional Makeup and will be staffing some of the West Coast trade shows with Kryolan! For more info visit matalasiskin.com #polynesianmua #teinesamoa #ceolife #bossbabe #rootsandculture #pioneer #sfreppin

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Hello and Malo e Lelei Beauties , my names Mary-Diamond aka Mele I'm 22 years old full Tongan , Nz Born , Aussie raised lol .. Don't know where to begin but I would like to start off by saying thank u to this page for promoting our talents and supporting the poly movement. Besides from being a mum I am currently studying beauty therapy in Melbourne and working part time. Make up hasn't always been a love of mine as throughout my school days I was a tomboy, untill I became friends with a Palangi girl who introduced me to make up and from there It grew slowly. As I got older I started buying make up and watching tons of YouTube videos. Playing make overs with my nieces and cousins and copying tutorials I finally thought that's it I want to do make up and beauty in the future. Long story short I'm 9months away from graduating to be a fully qualified beautician and planning to run a home based business make up /hair/nails etc.as it'll give me the freedom to do what I love and most importantly still have time to spend with my daughter. Long term goal is to run my own beauty salon from home and grow my talents in the industry. Beauty is forever growing and changing. I defiantly want to be apart of that. Props to all the poly artists! keep doing you and representing our culture in our art. One love #mdiamond @_mdiamond9313

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Hi lovelies!my name's Zarette Byrne and I was born and raised in Fiji for ten years before my family moved to New Zealand.I'm of Fijian,Irish,Samoan,Kiribati,Peruvian and English descent so a bit of a fruit salad.I graduated from makeup school two years ago but have been freelancing for around 8 years,working in film and theatre makeup as well.I also study Fine Art at university and have a beauty and lifestyle blog called Zaniu.I love seeing other Pasifika MUAs so this IG is really fantastic-lots of talented beautiful people and is a wonderful way for us all to band together and support each other!X

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Hi Everyone! My name is Jamie😊, I'm 22 years old and live on Oahu🌺🌴. I'm not a makeup artist and have no cosmetology background. Up until college, I was a "tomboy" who never wore makeup and knew nothing about it. To be honest, I despised it. When I turned 19 I started wearing mascara and on certain occasions, eyeliner. I always turned to my best friends for the "girly" help. I had no idea there were "levels" to this. πŸ˜… & who knew brows had to be "on fleek". Within the last 3 years I taught myself how to apply makeup and have been fortunate enough to practice on others. Makeup has become a "secret" obsession....(I say secret because on a daily basis I'm unbeat.) I've learned A LOT from trial&error, watching Youtube videos, looking at pictures of makeup done by others, and receiving tips from pro MUA's. YouTube and social media has definitely changed my view of makeup and I learn something new every day. I hope to one day follow my new found passion and become a Freelance MUA. Until then, my love for makeup will continue to grow. I look forward to learning and growing with you all! Thank you @polynesianmua and @yamsglam for the opportunity to be featured.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜πŸ˜ Blessings and Aloha πŸ˜˜πŸ’› #MAKEUPBYPEPE πŸ’‹πŸ’„πŸŽ¨πŸ’– #polynesianmua #weworldwide

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Hi loves!! My name is Nicolette Maulupe & I am a lover of all things involving beauty! I am Samoan & Tongan and have one daughter! I learned how to do makeup when I was a junior in high school but actually fell in love with it when I was a freshman in college! I decided to make a youtube channel in January and love every bit if it! YouTube is something fun for me and it makes me so happy when I see others enjoying my content. I post videos on beauty & lifestyle! My goal is to expand my channel as much as I can! I personally feel like NO ONE needs makeup, at all. However makeup is always fun to play with and the great thing about it, is that you can wipe it off! I hope you guys stop by sometime & subscribe // follow if you like what you see! XOXO

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Hey everyone, my name is Sammy Nuusolia. I'm a 21 year old stylist originally from Tustin, Ca but reside now in Honolulu. My dad was stationed here a few years ago & decided to live here so yeah. Lol, anyway, I graduated from the Hawaii institute of hair design here in Honolulu,HI in February of 2014. I am certified hairstylist & now working on getting my professional license! I actually did not go to school for makeup, I learned from my 6 sisters, YouTube & a lot of artists I follow on social media, lol. I wasn't originally suppose to do makeup because I always thought it was difficult to learn (which it was & still is) but then I sort of learned it & have been freelancing for 2 years now. I seriously love what I do, I love my job, I love my career, & I really can't see myself doing anything else but this as cliche as it sounds, lol. I do plan to move back to California and start something weather it be assisting, in salon work, or freelancing one day. But yeah, sorry for the long bio aha, hope to meet all of you fellow poly mua/stylist one day because all of yall are amazingly talented!!! & thank you to @polynesianmua for putting me on. #HAIRBYNUUGLAM
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Hello my beauties!!! My name is Kendra Man-ha Loimata Faletagoai I was born and raised in Eugene/Springfield, Oregon home of the DUCKS! GO DUCKS! hehe I am Samoan, Chinese, Cherokee, German and who knows what else! Ha I am a self taught MUA artist, I'm not one whom grew up loving makeup I was honestly more of a tomboy but I have always loved art! So this is my way of creating my own art ;) I am happily married with no children as of yet and am working on becoming a successful beauty vlogger on YouTube! Feel free to subscribe to me with the link to my channel on my Instagram page @kfalebeauty ! My main motive is to inspire people to do what they love knowing they can do whatever they put their minds to and look beautiful while doing so! In the end it's all about being happy in your own skin with or without makeup we are all BEAUTIFUL! Much love to my Polynesian people I will be here to support every one of you as well! Xoxo. @kfalebeauty
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hello beauty's,
My name is Elarie Sio. I initially started doing make up when I was in middle school, years ago. I used to play with my sisters make up all the time, and talk to myself in the mirror. I didn't take makeup serious until I hit high school, I believe my sophomore year. I was self taught, and found make up such an amazing hobby. Usually on my spare time, when I'm not working, I try to better my self as much as I could, by playing on my face or my little sisters. We all started small, and it just takes the effort and time to see how much you've grown as a person and as a make up artist. I am currently a dental assistant out here in Washington. It's a fun job, but not as fun as playing with makeup and experiencing with all kinds of products. I'm the middle child of my family. No one likes make up as much as I do in my family, hahaha. But That's a good thing too, so that when they need to get caked up, I got them! Lol. I'm still in the process of learning, so I'm definitely eager to see what it may bring. I have a YouTube channel as well! Make sure to follow my IG @peau_elarie11 and click the link on my bio! Make sure you subscribe and like my videos! Thank you (: @peau_elarie11 @peau_elarie11

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