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No I Diaz  Cofounder at @joinagent. Running when not working. 13th in US for 800m, 20 years ago. Now training to qualify for Boston.

This year (2018) in shoes. All Nike’s, of course.
From top left to bottom right...
1️⃣ Pegasus 34. Solid trainer, two zoom pockets. Got the year started off right.
2️⃣ Zoom Streak LT 4’s, Perfect for 5/10k’s. The waffle soles stayed true to their History
3️⃣ Pegasus 35. Truly ground breaking trainer for Nike, first ever full length zoom air. Love!
4️⃣ (returned) Epic React. Did. Not. Like. Sent me into a several week injury. Do not buy if you’re flat footed, or intend to run over 3 miles a day, let alone 10.
5️⃣ Pegasus 35 Turbo (stupid name, or rather, misnamed). Love this shoe! Soft ZoomX where it counts (react on top). My only criticism is that this shoe is mostly responsible for my loss of 4 toe nails this year. I retired them early at 250 miles, but still wear them around the house and office.
6️⃣ Zoomfly. Cheap alternative to Vaporfly with a nylon plate. Foam is hard... hybrid between lunarlon and react. Lots of support for a racer! Great for tempo’s!
7️⃣ (returned) Zoomfly Flyknit. Not a fan. Too stiff! The hard react foam and carbon plate do not mix well, especially in an unstable flyknit.
8️⃣ Zoomfly. I liked the way the original’s looked, so I got another pair to wear on the daily and support my arches.
9️⃣ Pegasus 35 Custom ID. Because why not get the best Trainers customized! Plus I already put 500 miles on the first pair, it was time to re-up.
🔟 Vaporfly 4% 2.0. This is THE best running shoe in the world right now. So soft, responsive, and quick! ZoomX foam, Carbon plate, and Flyknit all married together making it the perfect combo.
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Logged 34 miles on these Vaporfly’s... I keep hearing reports that the foam only lasts about 250 miles... and furthermore that some runners stop experiencing the responsive effect after 100 miles! 🤭😕
My goal was to wear them for the LA Marathon (late March 2019), and now I’m not so certain they’ll last until then - even if only restricted to just wearing them on Sundays. What to do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #vaporflyww #vaporfly #runningmotivation #marathontraining #tracksmith #runners #nikevaporfly

Post run beers 🍻 after a 14 miler.
Today’s focus was on breaking 2 hours, and not reaching a certain distance. The pace was about 30 seconds per mile slower than my normal slow pace... but the good part is that I’m training my body to use oxygen and fat cells for energy rather than carbs.
I brought a single @maurten_official gel with me... but now realizing I should have brought 3 (p.s. @tracksmithrunning if you’re reading this, pls make your van cortland’s 2.0 gel pockets a little deeper to hold these specific gels).
#marathontraining #runners #tracksmith #nikela #sierranevada #postrunbeer #runningmotivation #marathonrunner

And that’s 1,000 miles for the year!!
After taking a 17 year hiatus from running (since 2001), I finally picked up running again with no particular goal in mind. After a collapsed lung, testicular cancer, and a pulled scholarship... and despite being nationally ranked — I swore off running as a waste of time. But now at the age of 38... with no real reason, I jumped back in and made it my goal to qualify for Boston. Onward and forward!
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After missing several re-stocks, Vaporfly’s finally arrived!
Very soft, light as a feather, good heal support, breathable, and the color is 🔥
Everyone said size up 1/2 size. I stayed true to what I wear in the Pegasus, and they fit like a glove. The fly knit stretches nicely.
The ZoomX foam is ridiculously responsive, it beats all of their Nike Air’s for speed.
They’ve been dubbed as a “marathon shoe”... but I would also maybe go as low as a 5k
#nikevaporfly #vaporfly #vaporflyww #runners #marathontraining #marathonrunner #tracksmithrunning #nikela #nikerunning

Custom ID’s arrived yesterday, took them for a ride this morning for a few miles. I must confess, I feel much cooler than I actually am. Deep down inside though I’m still that same nerdy running loser 🤓
#pegasus35 #marathontraining #runners #nikela #tracksmithrunning

I’ve been monitoring the Vaporfly 4% re-stocks and signed up for alerts... every time it’s a hit and miss. This time I was able to snatch a pair from Dick’s Sporting Goods who had one last pair in my size!! So excited 😆 🏃
@vaporflyworldwide #vaporfly #nikevaporfly #marathontraining #running #runners #nikela

Many thanks to my in-laws for gifting me my custom new Nike Pegasus... you guys know a direct way to my ♥️ . Cheers to the next 500 miles these will last ✌️
#countryB #nikeshoes #pegasus35 #pegasus35id #nikela

8 mile altitude training at 7,000 feet. Congrats to all those who completed the #nycmarathon today! You’re the real deal.
Next up for me is the Pasadena 5k in January, then the LA Marathon in March
#nikerunning #marathonrunner #runner #marathontraining #tracksmithrunning #bananabandana

13th in age group, 55th overall. 6,117+ runners (and counting I think).
There ya have it. Total time is accurate at 1h 26m 29s, GPS is off.
Hit my goal finishing under 1:28! Although I went out way too fast (didn’t feel like it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
Very pleased with my effort. Thank you everyone for your encouraging words and support!
#rocknrollhalfmarathon #marathonrunner #tracksmithrunning #maurten_official #nikerunning #zoomfly

Race Day Ready, Gold Edition ✨. Tomorrow will be my first ever Half Marathon.
Goal is 1h:28m... or if I aim low, 1:25. But we’ll see what happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I will be dedicating this race to my son, Agent (who’s name is on the bib)
#larocknrollhalfmarathon #halfmarathon #zoomfly #maurten_official #runningmotivation #runner #bananabandana #marathonrunner #tracksmith

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