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Polly Gibbons  All images are by me unless noted.

Went for a walk with my daughter in Campbell Valley Park and stopped for a bit at the “Listening Bridge.” It was at sunset and we had to hurry back so we weren’t walking back to the car in the dark - all kinds of creatures come out after dark in the park! Arboreal chorus frogs hopped right across our path one night - they made us jump and scream too! #campbellvalleypark

So happy to see a Yayoi Kusama piece at the Ala Moana shopping mall! #yayoikusama #alamoanashoppingcenter

Just after sunrise before the crowds have descended. Not sure why the surfer was running away from the beach - maybe she left something back at her hotel? #noedit #nofilter #waikiki #honolulu #lensflare #surfergirl

This is Doris, she hangs out in front of Bread Affair on Granville Island. Usually she comes for breakfast and dinner, but lately she’s been getting some extra calories at lunch to get ready for when her ducklings hatch (any day now!)

Edward Westerhuis just gave an awesome embodied TEDx talk on puppetry, creative play and willingness to adventure into the unknown!

Went to the VanDusen Botanical Garden with my daughter the other day. We had a wonderful lunch at Truffles Cafe before heading out to explore the 22 hectares (54 acres for the non-metric out there) of the garden. This charming fountain was just off the Laburnum Walk adjacent to the Loderi rhododendrons. We definitely are planning a return visit!

It has a beautiful bouquet!
When the lilacs bloom is always one of the highlights of spring for me! I showed this image to my son and he said he could actually smell it!

Three-way collab edit with two of the coolest guys @sensibleniknowit @b3l0v3d ! So glad to be creating with you two again!

Been a little while since I posted - not sure I remember how! This is a shot of the elevators in the lobby of the hotel I'm staying at in San Francisco. I'm here for the Cognitive Neuroscience Conference - I'm the token artist here to see the keynote address by Dr. Anjan Chatterjee who is a foremost authority on neuroaesthetics. This is my area of research in school. The talk was really great, can't wait to see more brain research stuff tomorrow!

These are a pair of Amanita muscaria mushrooms. My daughter spotted them as we were driving home from school the other day. I pulled over so we could take some photos and it was interesting how many cars driving by gave us curious looks! The mushrooms have a symbiotic relationship with pine trees, evidenced by the litter of pine needles surrounding these two. I had always thought that Amanita muscaria were deadly poisonous but it turns out the lethal dose is possibly around fifteen mushrooms. They have intense perception altering effects when ingested but can also induce copious amounts of vomiting. On erowid.org, a site for chronicling drug experiences, there are 66 posts reporting unpleasant experiences versus 32 positive ones. That works out to nearly a 70% chance of having a bad trip which are grouped in categories such as: Difficult Experiences, Bad Trips, Health Problems, and Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters. The individual posts run the gamut from, "First I Met God, Then I Was God", "The 20 Hour Nightmare", to "Accidental Feline Ingestion", (hope that doesn't mean they accidentally ate the cat!) The positive ones seem to support the idea of a Soma-like effect. Amateur ethnomycologist, R. Gordon Wasson, has argued that Amanita is the Soma mentioned in the Rig Veda texts of India but this has been largely discredited. Currently on view in the "Flora and Fauna" show at the Surrey Art Gallery is a lovely/troubling watercolour by Shary Boyle from her Porcelain Fantasy series. A couple is depicted reclining on top of an Amanita muscaria consuming various psychoactive substances. From their vacant facial expressions it is hard to tell which side of the 70/30 bad trip/good trip ratio they fall into (plus the added substances complicate the mix.) The show on tour from the National Gallery of Canada is definitely worth a visit!

This is for the lovely and amazing @sherise__seven who requested that I post something with birds, utensils or ice. I decided to go for the trifecta of birds, utensils and ice! Thanks Sherise for the crazy inspiration!

This is another image from the "The Torso Project" from my last post. @Hipstamaticmagic is having a "tragic combos" theme this week and I'd say this is pretty tragic! @Ms_maybe_ said there was extra points for a BerryPop green nose and if this creature still had a nose I am pretty sure it would be green! #surreal42 #surreal42fb #hipstamaticmagic #hipstatragicombos #Hipstamatic #Doris #Kodama #BerryPop

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