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Political Compasses  The #1 page for political compasses. 100% original unless stated otherwise!

Something different. Each type of compass has a different take - you don't have to be offended!

#Tb to our first ever interactive compass!


The next #politicalcompass will be based on the UN (United Nations). The UN is the largest intergovernmental organization on the planet, with membership at over 190 countries. Proponents of the UN claim it is vital to ensuring peace between countries and collectively working to solve issues regarding humanitarian crises, conflict, environment issues, amid other hot topics. Opponents claim the UN has overstepped its boundaries and is no longer about securing good relations, but rather aggressively dictating countries, and becoming involved in their internal affairs.

If you were given the choice, would you opt for your country to leave the UN?


A.) Yes. B.) No.

How the compass should have been labeled all along.

Statism: Significant control of both social and economic matters by a state or collective entity.

Minarchism: Absolute minimum control of social and economic matters.


Responding to DMs today! If you have questions or recommendations, send them in!



#Politicalcompass stereotypes.

Interactive #politicalcompass on healthcare.


Next post @ 10k!

Here's your informal/somewhat insulting #politicalcompass guide 👍

#Politicalcompass vehicles.

The interactive #politicalcompass displaying least favorite quadrants.

The next compass will be on the topic of healthcare. As the terminology varies between countries, we'll try to keep the answers general.

A.) Totally privatized healthcare. B.) Primarily privatized healthcare, with a minimally sized public safety net.
C.) Primarily socialized healthcare, with some select private options.
D.) Totally socialized heathcare.


Comment/DM your coordinates and answer choice!

#Politicalcompass only our first followers will remember!

#Politicalcompass based on American politics, made by @logicalliberty. "The areas cut out tend to lack relevance in the real world." ____

NEW INTERACTIVE COMPASS TOPIC: What is your least favorite quadrant?


A.) Top right, B.) Top left, C.) Bottom left, D.) Bottom Right


Comment/DM your answer choice along with your compass coordinates. Least favorite quadrant was the most liked comment on the last post. Second was healthcare, which will be the next topic!

Page update: I understand most people aren't particularly interested in the faces behind an account, but an explanation seems obvious after this span of inactivity. For the majority of this account's existence, it has been ran by three individuals, but for the next fews weeks, it's will be a (primarily) one man show. One individual made the personal decision to leave social media altogether, and the other is currently on a work trip until the end of August. I'd like to make it clear, though, that @politicalcompassofficial is not dead! Upcoming projects include: a new political ideology quiz, continued interactive compasses, an expansion of content, and more that cannot yet be discussed!


It's been a while, so which interactive #politicalcompass would you like to see next? Comment topics below! The next topic will be chosen from one of the three most liked comments!

In honor of the upcoming #MayweatherMcgregor bout! #Politicalcompass of Conor #Mcgregor!


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