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Kristoffer Polaha  The sleepy Instapage of an American actor who, for the record, is wide awake. Get to know me through the link below 👇🏼

Yes. I said it. I said a lot more, too. Have you listened yet to @alyshiaochse ‘s podcast @thatoneaudition ? You really should. You’ll dig it, I promise. #podcast #faith #acting #love #life

To all the fathers out there, happy Father’s Day. Here’s a sweet little mess from one of the ones who has made me a father. Enjoy the day, fellas.

If you haven’t heard this interview yet, I urge you to. The link is up in my bio. @toddholland3 @alyshiaochse @thatoneaudition

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out.... #fomo #condortv @condoratt

#condortv tonight on @audiencenetwork by @mgm_studios and @att @condoratt
Check it out now!!

This had been a real treat @atxfestival thank you for having me. And great meeting you #EmilyGipson, you and Caitlin McFarland have accomplished a very cool thing. And thank you @liztigelaar for today! #atxfestival #condortv #lifeunexpected #austin #fun #ilovetv well done @danielletbd @amixedtape

Fun is being had. Currently. With this crew. #austin #crew #condortv @atxfestival @condoratt

Today has been a treat sharing a sneak peak of Episode 2 of @condoratt with audiences at @atxfestival with @kristenhager #MaxKisbye & @katherine_m_cunningham @mgm_studios @att @skydance and @rokuplayer Thank you for all of you who came out in support! #bestfansever And thank you @debrabirnbaum from @variety for moderating so fluidly!!

Hello Austin! Here to join the @atxfestival and very excited to share stories of @condoratt today and to share stories with @liztigelaar tomorrow. #atxfestival #condortv #lifeunexpected

The moment I called my sweet wife over to join me on tonight’s black carpet. @condoratt #condortv
See the show and you will love it. You will be hooked from minute one. Proud of the entire team.

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