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A few cards and endless possibilities... what’s poker to you? (Tag someone who needs to read this ⬇️⬇️) • • • • •

Some play for fun. We play to win. That means a few things. • • • • • (1) Love the process. Results in poker fluctuate constantly. If you cannot love the process, the game can hurt you. Your ego. Your sense of understanding. Your belief. Your self-esteem. (2) Nobody knows it all; but, some know a lot more than you. Find them. Seek their knowledge. Learn from their mistakes because learning from your own is a hell of a lot more expensive. (3) All players, even the best, started somewhere. If your excuse is to point at someone else, you are already losing. YOU put in the work. You make your own decisions. You build your own bankroll. (4) Poker is a game you can choose to play among many other games. Why play and make $4/hour if you can work anywhere else in the world for more money to add to your bankroll WHILE you study to improve your hourly rate? Calling all 50NL and below players online. Calling all $2/$5 players live. What are you hoping to happen? Calling all $350 tournament players. You’re 5x better than a 1000 person field? Cool. You’re still 0.5% to win the tournament! Focus on what is best for you and put your energy there. (5) Efficient study is never a mistake. Learn from your play. Learn from made up scenarios. Ask yourself the tough questions. Start simply and work your way through gradually more complex problems until you need help solving those problems. Solid fundamentals take you VERY far in this game. Farther than you realize. Players say “oh I know pot odds... be quiet about that.” You probably don’t. You probably don’t get how they inform your decisions across a wide range of bet sizes, potential holdings, and board run outs. We all have a lot of work to do. (6) Losing is a perspective you adapt. Will you turn a learning exercise into a pity party or a bad beat story? That’s a red flag.
Be well, friends. Work hard and earn what you want.

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Question of the day:
Does PLO make (or break) poker players quicker than NLHE?

Love for poker is everywhere! We explore exactly how that leads to success with an interview with the owner and incredibly consistent blogger at, Robbie Strazynski. .
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What part of your game needs the most work? We have your back.
A. Acting on tells
B. Game theory in practice
C. Tilting and bankroll management
D. Fundamentals for cash games and tournaments

There’s only 1 player who will be at every table you play. Put in your work like you know that.

Your decision to bet all your chips is a combination of how often your opponent is going to fold, the average chance of winning if called, the amount you win if your opponents fold, and the amount you stand to lose if called. We break all of that down in detail for you in a video series on our website, just follow the link in our bio. This video series will undoubtedly improve your tournament (and cash game) win rate significantly. If you believe moving all-in pre-flop is foolish or you are afraid to do it sometimes, allow the mathematics to show you how profitable it is. It's tough to argue with proof! #winningwednesday

The best players in the world make mistakes, but then they work to fix them #motivationmonday #noexcuses

It's easy to look around at people and players who have success and make a goal to say you will get that. What most people fail to see is that goals are reached by consistent and small steps taken very often and very efficiently. .
In a nutshell, that's why we made PokerSprout for poker players. Your time at the table is valuable. Your time studying is valuable. While we can't sit at the tables for you, we can cut down on the time it takes you to understand poker concepts about cash games, tournaments, theory, psychology and a lot more. There's a free trial if you want to see what we are talking about here. .
However you want to do it: one video a day, one video a week, one video a month... your bankroll will thank you. What most players spend on ONE of the 30 continuation bets they make in a session or on ONE pre-flop re-raise is the cost of a full month of access to content created by players who have played millions of combined hands, won hundreds of thousands of dollars, and who have succeeded in teaching hundreds of players how to win at poker. If you want to work at your same rate, but increase your efficiency, we are here. Better yet, if you want to work smart AND hard, we can help you increase your winnings even quicker. The best players often report spending at least half of their time with poker studying the game. What about you? Instead of wishing for a result, let's start by being honest with what it takes to make a goal truly become a reality. .
It's easy to make or like an Instagram post. It's easy to follow an inspirational account or two (or 20) to _feel_ like you're heading in the right direction. So... for today... let's be honest: are you actually going to move toward your goals in poker? If so, PokerSprout is at your service and with a hell of a track record to back it up. Still not convinced? Check out the free 7 day trial available on our home page. Let's get it! #winningwednesday

Bankroll management is MORE than avoiding busting. Learn how to maximize your bankroll growth rate with some math that’s personalized for how hard you tilt. How could it be easier?

Click the link in our bio to check it out for yourself. #tiptuesday

Choose one poker goal for your game. Type it below. #mondaymotivation

We are taking it up a notch for 2018! Tag a poker playing friend and your poker goal for 2018 and we will message you with 3 ways to make it happen.

Happy birthday to one elite chip slinger, @kristen_bicknell ! Kristen selflessly took the time to play some heads up No-limit Hold'em for fun and to share her methods for poker success with @pokersprout this Summer at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.
Part of what makes her one of the greats (note: not simply a female great) is her genuine and boundless passion for the game. She said it best. "I'm going to play my hardest, even if it's only a fun match." The full 50 big blind freeze out match lasted 2 hours. The match was epic. This woman is epic. Happiest birthday, Kristen!

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