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Pokémon  Official Instagram for The Pokémon Company International! Share your pics with #Pokemon and #PokemonCenter!

Get ready for adventure in #PokemonGO! Starting today through June 5, new Field Research tasks, a surplus of Rock-type Pokémon, extra Candy, bonus XP, and more await you during this special two-week event. Follow the link in our profile for more details!

Get ready for Shiny Zygarde in June! Learn about what makes this Legendary Pokémon so unique from our GAME FREAK developers, then head to GameStop from June 1–24 to add it to your #PokemonUltraSunMoon or #PokemonSunMoon game, US Trainers! Follow the link in our bio for details. #BeLegendary

Get ready to expand your collection in #PokemonGO soon! Start stocking up on Poké Balls and keep your eyes peeled for certain Alolan form Pokémon in the wild, Trainers!

Charmander burns bright on the next #PokemonGOCommunityDay! Catch more Charmander, get the attack Blast Burn for Charizard, and earn more Stardust during this month’s celebration on May 19. Visit our site for the event hours in your region.

Yep, it’s your boy Guzma! US Trainers, stand out as the leader of Team Skull with this iconic Team Skull Guzma hoodie from the #PokemonCenter. Follow the link in our profile to get your own!

Yo, yo, yo! Team Skull’s comin’ at ya! Get the Team Skull look with this new collection from the #PokemonCenter, US Trainers! Tap the link in our profile to shop.

The Pokémon GO Summer Tour 2018 kicks off soon! Mark your calendars for an exciting lineup of events taking place all over the world—tap the link in our profile for info! #PokemonGOSummer

Harness the power of Ultra Necrozma, mysterious Ultra Beasts, and new Prism Star cards in #PokemonTCG: Sun & Moon—Forbidden Light! Visit our site to learn more about this new expansion!

For US Trainers about to start a new adventure, celebrate with these Graduate Pikachu Pokémon Pins from the #PokemonCenter! Tap the link in our profile to shop.

Xerneas and Yveltal join the fun in May! In this month’s video, GAME FREAK discusses the design process for these Pokémon and delves into their Abilities. US Trainers, head to a GameStop from May 4–27 to get a special code card for one of these Legendary Pokémon! #BeLegendary

Get ready for the #PokemonGO Battle Showdown in the first two weeks of May! It’ll be a Fighting-type free-for-all with more appearances by Mankey, Machop, Makuhita, Meditite, and more! Tap the link in our profile for full details.

West Coast, it’s your turn! The 1,000th US episode of #PokemonTheSeries is starting now on @disneyxd, US Trainers! Are you watching along? Share your thoughts on Twitter using #1000EpisodesOfPokemon!

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