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A.L  Life is a brief intermission between birth and death, enjoy it

You treated me like the prettiest rose out of a flower field. Special, different, attractive.
You cherished me and cared for me, my petals blooming and buds growing under your love.
But oh, I should've known.
Your love was as short as the beauty of a flower. Your love died, just like I did, for I was now nothing more than a few wilting petals. -A.L

And when the rain came, it washed away your lies from my skin and untangled the broken promises from my hair.


By the time you left,
I was so paper thin,
That it didnt take much at all
For me to be torn in half by the cold winter wind


He was broken in the worst possible way,
Yet if you looked closely -
You could see that he held
The entire universe in his eyes


She's down here living on this earth,
And we have people talking about a heaven above.
But little do they know -
There is no heaven without her


He was never truly mine to lose,
But somehow I ended up losing him all the same.


Her hands are always cold,
But whenever she touches me,
I feel this warmth deep in my soul -
And it gives me hope that there's still good left in this world

I could go on days and days on my dream fairy tale...
A love like a princess and prince, living happily ever after.
So when that day, you came into my life,
I was hoping. Hoping you were my prince
That will sweep me off my feet and spin my around in circles.
But what I didn't realise was that you were not him.
You were like a witch, creeping silently.
And when at last I had my heart broken,
I realised.
I was like Snow White, emotionless and in eternal darkness.
There was no happily ever after, only a bitten poisonous apple. -A.L

And now she'll never leave her music on shuffle,
And she always has to know the weather three days in advance,
Because she's been scarred by the unpredictability of your thoughts. - A.L

There's something I want to do.
I want you to swing me around like a princess on a balcony overflowing with flowers.
I want you to guide me through the park, waiting for a sweet surprise.
I want you to have a water fight with me on the beach on a hot summer's day.
I want you to dance with me into the night as the stars shine on top of us.
I want you to fill me with warmth and hug me at the top of the Eiffel tower.
But as I lie here in the warmth of your arms, I can't help but want you more than anything else that I could think of. -A.L

Hello ! This is @poisonouswishes and you may know this account from a previous account @poisonwishes :) unfortunately the password is forgotten so restarting fresh! Content you might be expect from this account will be poems and blocks of writing or just day to day vents- depends. Hope you'll enjoy what will be posted in the future 🐵🙈🙉 A.L

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