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Poh Ling Yeow  Painter, cook, author. Baker, dogs, gardening, hoarding #jamface #pohbakes100greats #samesamebutdifferent #pohandco #sbsfood #netflix #pohart

I really can’t believe we’ve arrived at Autumn already.!!! How has this year flown by so quickly😦? Good news is we can start diving into all our comfort dishes like my mega fave, Beef Bourguignon served with Truffled Mash - YUM 😋.To get the recipe click on the link in my bio and if you’d like my monthly recipes sent direct into your inbox remember to join the #hscookingclub ! Bon apetite! #pohforhs @harrisscarfe

The stuff you find when you’re just peeling vegetables 💁🏻‍♀️ #beet #beetroot #jamface #naturerocks

AND..... Good morning 🥐🥟🥠🍤🍞 I want to spread him on my toast😝 #rhinoandtim #scottishterrier #dogsofinstagram #scottiesofinstagram #scottishterriersofinstagram

Very excited to be part of this all local line up @adelfarmmarket event for @tastingaustralia . To book online now - click on link in my bio.

Monday morning imperatives 🌟. Today jono & I did yoga with @adrienelouise (INCREDIBLE HUMAN - cannot recommend highly enough for those afraid to start) via internet (because group activities terrify me) and am actually going to give the concept of resting a long hard think. I AM A WORKAHOLIC. I am coming to terms with my fear of failure and not having to be worried about proving myself or what others think of me. These are my constant battles and as a result mainly inanimate unimportant things get all of me while my relationships stay at arms length.....all just so I can complete more tasks. Isn’t it ridiculous how we live our lives. Jono and I have built a beautiful home with our own hands and ideas yet we have no time to enjoy it - there are days where we barely make eye contact because rushing is more important. He complains I work too hard, I feel he wants to play too hard😊. Both are right and we have to find the middle A tad tardy (or it wouldn’t be me😬), I challenge u and me in the middle of March to make it our New Years resolution - Let’s learn to rest and be in the present. Weed your garden and hang your washing out mindful that it is in the natural order of things to engage with the mundane. Meanwhile enjoy the warble of the magpies and when your doggo is lasering a hole into your forehead with his I need to walk eyes, do it knowing u r bringing him his daily joy. Most importantly do something nice for someone you love. Also put cream in your coffee🤓. How are some simple ways you help you and your fam to slow down. Please share away 🐌🐌🐌

Best 10 minute dinner EVER (also vego) - Celery stir fried with garlic, ginger, spring onions, Shaoxin rice wine and oyster sauce (Megachef is my fave - has a lovely sweetness and smokiness but sub with mushroom oyster sauce for vegos & vegans), accompanied by diced tommies, cooked with chilli flakes, garlic, dash of Shaoxin always, a few whisked eggs.....season with light soy . Guys I know you can do this without a recipe. I have faith in you.... @sunrice #sunrice #stirfry #veggiestirfry

That time when I ran out of moula in Thailand and had to set up a small biz real quick @nilspedotti @angy_ertel @pastelblack_ @bycharlottekidd @fordtrent @simarcic

Me thinks it’s a good idea to scarfe a piece of this Lemon Meringue Chiffon @_jamface_ @adelcentralmarket today - filled with lemon curd and cream. YUMBUMS as they say 😝#jamface #adelaidefood #madefromscratch #handmade #coffeeandcake #supportlocal #buylocal

@mrbillypotter @billyeatstheworld U really know how to make a wifey happy 😝. I’m truly overjoyed and guarding the mug from Jono like Gollum on account of 2 Insta posts back but luckily he is hella keen on your recipes (“Manfood” being most Jono Post-It tabbed cookbook in da haus). Thank you for being such a creative bundle of joy - I’ll stop before @harrip tells us to get a room but let’s just say u had me jumping when I opened the parcel after a 12 hour haul in the kitchen.🥰

The last of Summer 😌 from the garden #grateful #gardening #organic #vegepatch #homegrown #tomatoes #peaches

I’m such a sentimental twit. I’ve had this McCormick pepper grinder since uni days and it’s kicked all my fancy pepper grinders arses for over 20 years but Bull in a China shop aka Jono dropped it once 2 many times and the grinding parts have shattered and I’m SO devod. This past 2 weeks he also broke 2 ceramic baking dishes, which he smashed into our 1 year old tele (yes broke that too), accidentally dragged a huge ceramic dog bowl into the pool with a garden hose, chipping the tiled steps and shattered an old favourite glass jug which he poured hot chai into......but I still love him. Strangely it has taught me a lot of Ye old Bhuddist philosophy to be detached from objects. Does anyone else out there live with a Jono? 🤨

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