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Poh Ling Yeow  Painter & cook. Midnight baker, dogs, gardening, hoarding #jamface #crunchclub #samesamebutdifferent #sweetpetite #pohandco #sbsfood

Just raided the #thyme patch for @_jamface_ #paella @groovinthemoo . See you on Friday 🙋🏻

I'm on the latest @mamamiaaus #idontknowhowshedoesit podcast if you'd like to hear about how much I don't have a grip on my life. Thank you SO much @alissawarren for the funnest interview ever! #mamamia

One of my fave things to do is to sit on the steps with a cup of tea watching Eric & Tulip groom each other and listen to their morning cacophony of pops, chatter, chirps & whistles. It chills me the hell out 😑

My favourite little numb nuts. Rhino did a Houdini early this arvo (apparently helping our neighbour with some gardening) - nothing like a full wig out\heart attack to make you love them even more 😩 #rhinoandtim #scotties #scottishterriers #scottiesofinstagram #scottishterriersofinstagram

It's 🥕 o'clock @tanjadear ! Tim is always standing on the wrong side of Rhino and causing rollus interruptus😶#rhinoandtim #scottishterriersofinstagram #scottiesofinstagram #scottishterriers #scotties

.........and a great time was had by all #twoshazzas @magda_szubanski

Sweet Cheeks dropped by for lunch today....isenit? @magda_szubanski - 10 going on 11 ☺️

The next @foodingwiththeyeows SHOP, COOK, EAT sesh will be Vietnamese Favourites. Little Aunty Kim in the middle will be sitting out on this one as the royal taste tester 👑😝while Teena my sis in law and Mum will be at the helm whipping up some Viet classics on Tues 2nd May 4-7pm at The Market Kitchen @adelcentralmarket . Search for 'Yeows' to book at ❤️🍴❤️

An Easter #toon by my talented mate Tim @whyatt_cartoons - Happy Easter everyone. Play safe 🐰🐣

This is what I'm having for dinner. "Oh what is it? Can I have the recipe?" you ask. "I would if I could but I was really busy editting my tits off on my next book and so I went to the Korean grocer down the road and bought 2 packets of some random instant hot pot mix i interpreted through pictures which probably has tonnes of msg in it, then I bunged into it tofu and a bunch of stuff I found in the fridge and pantry, that being, garlic, spring onions, ginger, wombok, enoki and shiitake mushies, frozen clam meat, leftover #Sunrice brown rice & quinoa and it's damn nice"..............#thehonesttruth #riceisnice @sunrice

We are so thrilled to have @orakingsalmonaus permanently on the @_jamface_ menu. For those who don't know, the King Salmon species is 3x higher in omega 3 than any other salmon. The texture is to die for - incredibly luscious and velvety with a clean buttery flavour like no other smoked or raw salmon I've ever tasted ANY where in the world. To top it off @orakingsalmonaus is also the 1st company in the southern hemisphere to be certified by the global aquiculture alliance for "Best aquiculture practices” which means it's strongly endorsed as sustainable seafood and very important to us, SO ENJOY! ❤️ #oraking #orakingsalmon #orakingawards

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