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Poh Ling Yeow  Painter, cook, author. Baker, dogs, gardening, hoarding #jamface #crunchclub #pohbakes100greats #samesamebutdifferent #sweetpetite #pohandco #sbsfood


I half hate, half love myself for this. I’m running so late for work but these adorable pops of colour in the garden literally halted my unco sprinting up the driveway. I just couldnt help myself from picking them for table settings tonight @_jamface_ #jamfacecrunchclub....coz beauty is more important at than being on time, right?😬 In the mix are parsley an sage flowers, edible crysanthemums, passionfruit daisies which are the light of my life in the garden (the perfume makes me weak at the knees), the red ones I don’t know the name of but they are like red daisies with the most gorgeous heart shaped petals #gardening #gardentherapy #slomolife #jamface #lifeisgood

Hi everyone! It’s here and I’m pretty darn excited! #pohbakes100greats is now available @_jamface_ @adelcentralmarket @murdochbooks 🎉

Fave vase. Flowers from @adelfarmmarket 😊

#voteyes #marriageequality #lgbtq #lgbt 🌈❤️🙏🏻

Chicken rice with Aussie grown @sunrice #jasmine #rice or in this case medium grain rice. Sorreee, piggy dove in and forgot to take a pic at the beginning 😬. For recipe, google #pohandco 👉then search #hainanesechickenrice. Malaysian style means with a #kecapmanis drizzled over the top which takes green sauce/red sauce to the nek level. #pohtip - the traditional way to cook the rice using resulting stock from the poaching of the chicken is great but it adds another 20 minutes to your cooking time so my tip is to use store bought stock for the first round, freeze the stock from current cook and use it for your next chicken rice cook up. Then you can have the chicken & rice cooking at the same time #sunrise

Lychee Strawberry Chiffon Cake. This is a great one for those of you who have no patience for piping. Imagine lightest of lychee sponges with layers of lychee liquor infused cream and freshly sliced 🍓 Recipe in #pohbakes100greats now available on pre-order at booktopia.com.au at 25% discount ($29.95) before it hits the shelves on 25th Oct 🎉

Some gorgeous blooms from the garden for one of my faves in #pohbakes100greats @murdochbooks

Stunning 🌈 chard from the jardin. Wilting this down with garlic, chilli flakes and lots and lots of glugs of olive oil then eating with pan fried flathead finished with butter, capers and lemon juice. So simple and yummo #gardening #vegepatch #homegrown #gardentherapy #slomolife

Super cute lil dude waiting for human at our local shopping centre 🐶🌈

🐝Stunning #honeycomb from a warre hive. The goodness is unbelievably intense and delicious - thank you @adelaidebeesanctuary for the presie ❤️Update on the swarming situ at casa de jono-poh. So we’ve had a total of 4 swarms on our Seville orange tree. It seems to be a magnet, we suspect, leftover scent of the queen from the 1st swarm (from our hive). 2nd, 3rd & 4th swarms we now are 90% certain are not from my hive or there would be nothing left of them which doesn’t seem the case since healthy activity in our hive is audible and visible. Out of 4 swarms only the 3rd was not successfully caught/rescued. We think they already had done a reconnaissance and found a new home because they refused to enter the nuc (box thingy u catch bees in) and eventually flew away but for those who don’t know Spring is the time when swarming naturally happens #naturerocks

For @_jamface_ @adelfarmmarket tomorrow😬

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