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Poet  For those wondering what I do for a living. So am I 🤷🏾‍♂️

Spurs fan.....Don't think I forgot about the time you put on the arsenal tracksuit.....had to get the L

Kanye Vs Ye
Who you prefer ???

Oi lad show us on one hand how many goals Man City scored.......

Listen all good doing this against me and vuj But @m10_official if man don't do it when it counts.....

Bike riders have more rights than black people in dam. Let's put a stop to this.
P.S. don't take this serious. One love.

So I had to pick words out of a hat and make a bar about that word. I had one minute. How can I get 5. Im above every rapper that's been on the show apart from Wretch. You man are a L.
Catch #PlayDirtyRadio on @Beats1official with @KreptandKonan this weekend! 2pm - This Saturday! It was sickkkkkkk

Until you purchase the phone and pay my phone bill. These are the rules. No rules.

All I arse in life is we focus on what's important.
But at least he's honest...

Man like @boyofalltalents doing fashion.......

How can my forehead look big with a cap on.
We back baby #FilthyFellas

If I was an old woman....☹️

Past and Present......

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