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Poet  For those wondering what I do for a living. So am I 🤷🏾‍♂️

How can we be starting beef. I blame Vuj
Poor Sergio Ramos

I genuinely think this is amazing

Lukaku was always gonna play like this. It's in his genes.... 👖

I met Swizzz!!!!! This is mad

Man is looking like a decent 7/10

I'm an attention seeking prick.....and the higher powers made me a father or was it me not using a condom. Find out next week on dragon ball z

You really are off white now my friend. 🙏🏽⚰️

My best nights a blur......

How can my boys look like me.
But they are buff.
I look like a rain 🦌
Issa L

Their is not a comedian on planet earth who can make me laugh more than this piece of comedy gold. Thank you spurs.

I've realised. That this video gives you no indication to my profession. So if you come here wondering what do i do. SO DO I!!!!!