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reviews on poetry  "lines about me, romantic poetry"

tip of advice: if poetry is your safe house don't share it with anyone unless they have the same love for it as you or love you enough to love poetry

whiskey words & a shovel I (revised edition): r.h. Sin
- page 83 -
updated continuation from the previous post, currently on page 88 and i'm getting really into this book, as you get further and further into the book there are more parts and they're all beautiful, in love with this book but i'll do another review later.

whiskey words & a shovel I (revised edition): r.h. Sin
page 51 - among stars
review: i (second owner) haven't finished this book yet but i did want to do a little review on it, it focuses mainly on two subjects so far, breakups and woman empowerment
the poems are very short but not bad but the words he chose to create these poems could be more powerful and meaningful
as for the revised i believe it is because of the note the author has written in the beginning saying how they have now found love and that it is possible

this book contains true heartbreak. very real, very touching.

a poem from "whiskey words & a shovel" (revised edition). this book really hit home for me, it's one of the best I have yet to read. the poet had a rough past with love, and writes about it with no hesitation. the poet is truly an open book, and they write their heart out. highly recommend‼️

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