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Poetic License Bar has an all new cocktail menu COMING VERY SOON🍷 Along with your favourite classics, there's a brand new 'Bonnie Bevvies' section! Not The Gum Drop Buttons and Orange, Spice & All Things Nice are calling our names👅 Keep an eye on their page for the launch #cocktailsfordays

What do we want? Hot Gin Toddys! When do we want them, NOW✊☕🍂 Give our tasty concoction a go...
1. Heat ginger ale slowly until the air has escaped
2. Simmer for 5 minutes with some orange peel, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and a dash of honey
3. Add 2 shots of trusty Old Tom or Fireside Gin to your favourite mug and top up with the hot spiced ginger ale #distillery #poeticlicense #oldtom #fireside #gin #hottoddy #autumn

Autumn nights call for Fireside Gin🍂🍸 Try it with tonic water, garnished with orange peel and thank us later... #firesidegin #gin #ginandtonic #autumn #distillery

10 Poetic bottles hanging on the wall... and if 1 Poetic bottle should accidentally fall, there'll be lots and lots of gin at our beck and call🍸🙌 #distillery #poeticlicense #gin #sunderland #botanicals

Folk say you've got to eat with the seasons🍂👅 Does this count with tipples? If so we'll have a serve of Baked Apple and Salted Caramel pleaaaase #distillery #poeticlicense #gin #sunderland #botanicals #bakedapple #saltedcaramel #eatwiththeseasons

This is where the magic happens✊💫 Who's popped down to Poetic License Bar to see good old Gracie distilling away? #distillery #poeticlicense #gin #sunderland #botanicals

The perfect pour for our Agave Nectar Gin is simply premium tonic and an orange peel🍊🍸 Give it a try! If you haven't got your hands on a bottle yet, make sure you do before it's gone👋 Buy your bottle over at poeticlicensedistillery.co.uk #agavenectar #vegan #gin

Don't forget to grab a bottle of Agave Nectar Gin🌿🍸 It's a good one you lot!! This gin is sweet, floral and aromatic🌺 Expect rosy-floral-ness with a slight bitter kick from hibiscus then citrus with lemongrass. Not only that, but check out it's soft pink hue! What more could you want from a gin?👏 Grab your bottle now over on our website #agavenectar #vegan #gin #poeticlicense

Pinch punch first of the month! Let the month be-GIN😏🍸🎉 What're you lot all tipplin' on this evening? #gin #g&;t #tipple #pinchpunch

So… We have a new addition to our Rarities range coming soon. For this one our inspo came from Mexico. We'll tell you more very soon…😏🍸🍷

Nothing says bank holiday like a copa glass, filled to the brim with ice, a double of your favourite botanically-infused Poetic libation and a splash or so of tonic #amiright
Happy long weekend to all!🙌🍹🍸🍷

Do you fancy yourself a master of mixology? The ultimate cocktail creator? Well we can help you there...✨😍🍹🍸🍷 Try our Cocktail Masterclasses and we'll make you a connoisseur in no time!!
Choose from two difference packages:
- STANDARD: arrival cocktail, a masterclass of three cocktails and a departure cocktail (£14.95pp)
- ENHANCED: arrival cocktail, a masterclass of three cocktails using Poetic License Distillery spirits and a departure cocktail (£19.95pp)

Masterclasses available Sat & Sun 12noon-4pm
To book call 01915671786 or visit the Roker Hotel reception.

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