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this wave
is where
is articulate
pushing in
Pulling out
White dentelle details
from the birth of nature
but I am off this
sweet damn nonsense
let me return to darkness
I left many moments here
I need to extoll them
sending my snarling
Mediterranean nose
to smell the luster
of a Virgin dawn
that’s when eye
poured liquor
this memory forever
if forever was possible
Then again I don’t want it either
let me stay strapped
Black wings swings abstract
let me rewind backward
where after smelling
my vibration elevated
making this experience
full of one expression
luxurious monologue
rolling off my tongue
Constantly re creating
openings for the present
Disfigured waves still
roll so eloquent so clever
a force invites me
to interact with
this blue giant
defined by defining
the apple of all hearts
to decipher the content
before cutting
the head of the cobra
yeah cobra came
to mind when apple
seemed to remind me
of how slick sins work
never mind
it was never meant to harm
it’s for thirsty Inspirations
a mind fuck
another metaphor
for interrogations
full of segregation
mental salvation
into the most intimate
sensitive timid parts
of forbidden forgiven souls
waking up the conscious
of a Cinderella nation
where all wearing
glass thick shoes
circling borders of hell
while everything around
represented to be magic
so here I bow under water
here I bow under fire
here I bow under motion
another lyrical liberation
words runneth bleeding
an active eroding waterfall
peeking scars with time
isolated yet majestic
as rock formation
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Simple sober
Full of ecstasy
clean crisp
blue & white
warming up
a good company
High white velvet cloud
floating nonchalantly
smooth cool mood
switch on rapidly
carrying mountains
to align wickedly ...good
channeling with barriers
the essence of listening
bloody ears get cut up
as Van Gogh talent see
as eye hold the scene
rearranging atmosphere
vanishing again
into a liquid masterpiece
of mastering energy
eye hanging on feels
To slowly peek serenity
still holding chaos close
closer than everything

L’arche du diable
le paradis des anges
les vautours retournent
pour arracher les gains
the attraction is intense
pulling a lotus into an iris
razor sharp glance
Slicing the interception
C’est le cirque Romain
attentif au regard
ivres cadavres au ralenti
cherchent leurs âmes
an illusionist illustrating
Outcomes of conceptions
you can’t be not interested
It’s meant as an intervention
C’est la fin du spectacle
rideaux de laine de verre
se moule sur nos visages
Pour apaiser nos ancêtres
we follow the drum the scent
looking for the unusual
the universe dancing us
slowly..slowly to our funerals

Yeah leave me alone
i don’t need you
woven into fabric
Eye fit smoothly my iris
yeah I want you
to read my words
wearing a welding mask
watch for the sparks
when reality is hard to cease
with a tool steel
i don’t need your company
Eye harmonized a solitude
a pure effect of magnitude
leave me alone
you don’t need me either
stop your ego is too eager
as my tongue sleeps in
mind a wheel of fortune
splashing upward
shifting downward
strings unmute the volume
under a liquid darkness
leave me don’t pay attention
Unless read me conscious
eye tense eye tender
eye bogus eye wander
if you follow me
follow me under
follow me wonder
bare feet on seashells
fire burning lungs
as clouds escape
from the mouth
of a rested dragon
nénuphars floats
on a green imagination
chaos is the necklace
hanging low as vines
on an island full of loving
leave me alone
or read me
with bravery
Barrels of ivory
the elephant man
living in an active mind
breeding visionary sight
under a heavy breath
feet in mud heart in tar
carrying a quill & a spear
carrying light & sears
beyond the essence
of this lifetime
alors leave me alone
or read me in my present

Come face me
in a muddy battlefield
near eternity
I will be here
holding the aftermath
Holding what’s left of me
between my blistered strong hands
rocks on rocks inside a grey moon
inhaling a transparent shining
Exhaling a sort of gravity
lungs open to the outcome
caterpillar ideas slice the cocoon
metaphors metamorphose
for another chance at living
still with my other hand
Holding a punch full of fury
this kind of solace cures me
when the steam of my liquid mind
Starts overflowing overwhelming
ultraviolet emotions strike me
bathe me baptize my being
in the fluorescent light
of a positive darkness
the one you wrap yourself with
when you close the blinds
cozy your heart sinks in a bit
Painting the canvas of the night
Roaring still silent within
on the altar of the kremlin
feasting gently all of the eyes
behind the bushes in the trenches
staring at you from the dark
hungry snarling behind your back
but my story is too raw too fierce
no heaviness can affect me
Don’t test me I am the kind
to stab myself in the eye
without never asking why
to simply show the gods
my humble heartfelt humility
yeah this bloody humility
Stuck in the throat of humanity
can’t swallow the pride
and can’t spit the poison
I fight for my purpose
With bloody tears and knees
I won’t kneel lean or decline
Come face me
In a muddy battlefield
near eternity
in a space not defined
by this design

Hanging upside down
roosting in between
hollow fluffy trees
bringing me closure
to the meaning of flying
selfless sense of alert
holding up the rotation
eye prefer not to dream
in this authentic jungle
the touch is too concrete
still lighter than salty water
wrapping up my tongue
almost as a cotton mouth
pure spill of exuberance
luring me in the womb
the womb of all creatures
while light engraving itself
from the fetus of existence
Brushing a magnetic silence
into the spell of mankind
this thick mold of energy
stroking the limpid lining
acknowledging a separation
eye not sewing a seeing eye
slicing into protective fabric
where danger always dwells
the veil is merely a concept
the real disguised image
is inward breeding our wants
breeding the need the feel
the sting le recule the lust
a punch to crunch the crush
sound of light taste of love
poor vulnerable feeling
planted the creative process
for the progress of creation
unknowingly fierce
implanted unknowingly
on our blueprinted heart

Eye dip these palm trees
soaking in an island
of mystery and ink
throwing grey shades
eyes blind gypsy knives
writing thorns as letters
on the edges of a cactus
coconut hanged floating
in a heartbeat conscious
encore encore encore
branches smoothly brush
roughed up old houses
sinking in high ceilings
white sky keep calling
ocean warming up emotions
to cool off to cool down
rivers of cold sweet water
runneth on petals of lungs
drifting off a navire of love
feeding off ugly dragons
with hands of pure angels
the point of view is different
on how you see the angles
feelings are mosaic mirrors
contributing reflection
spiderwebs of reaction
echoes more reflection
while interacting calmly
Storm still hiding snarling
like dust on broken clocks
or rust on church bells
still these waves will roll
vanishing once more
once more and once more
till the symphony of eternity
dims its mystical tunes down
then a new humanity flourish
from biological soil
where the seed
where the rock
where the sun
where thunder
striking energy
As buds of wholeness
taking over our character
where the only war
we could ever face
is the intelligence
Of our indulgence

As eye fill
my iris with dust
filling my retina
with grains of sand
such a musical silence
taking over my orientation
adapting to the monotone
longitude of my breath
vibrations becoming
an orchestra of becoming
to beacon harmony
where a piano and a violin
accompanies memories
vision inside out clarity
lulling me to an awakening
the mountain rooted
on my back seems lighter
with the acknowledgment
of carrying it heavily
Paradoxically pondering
mechanisms of a mentality
little did I know accepting it
getting recognized by it
as walking in my brain
a museum a library
Every thought is a book
Either sell it or buy it
Either way I ain’t buying it
landscape of waves
Engulfing my spirit
beyond the obvious
under the veil of logic
branched out from
syntax of common sense
this dull manière bore me
as letters blink fireworks
inside the darkness
of an eclipsed conscious
feelings as enemies
times they get closer
communion communication
After a baptism bonding
this rustic rusted taste
of being rawly alive
tasting volcanos of life
spitting ink and fire
to swerve into my alignment
spitting mud and pride
I can live small
be a wide universe
yet I don’t need vanity
My inner enlightenment
gives me the will
to live without it wired
Holding abstract existence
on sober immortal
invisible junction wire
to inspire despite be inspired
before I return a shell
on some foreign sand
on the sand of my homeland
before my expression expire

Small as a shell
Eye shall be
washed polished
under hundred feet
of an island sea
still glass stuck
between my arteries
breathing the aroma
fossils of charm
existed in the spirit
billions years before now
can’t argue with its wit
can’t wrestle an idea
Where the essence
is the only thrill
vibes live longer
when meanings fail
empty head full of brain
lower energy more intense
zen at the beach of chaos
counting sea shells
my tongue stutter
with every bad spell
cactus elevating
from my veins
poking peeking
the nasty aftermath
of a humble rebirth
Creeping on the sun
to meditate with the moon
fungus growing around
frail guided hearts
where counting freckles
sounds as ninja stars
around sober solid hearts “Non je ne suis pas bavard”
Eye talk the talk
and walk the walk
around the wire
of fully existing
filthy filling feeling
neat concept of objection
cruel bearing of abondance
fermented long ago
with authentic barrels
of accepting darkness
as accepting the ripe
taste of aged light
an interesting intense
pulsations move
towards its own self ..sigh
imagine the heaviness
of my heartbeat
at this moment
of lost of words
With a full clip
of writing it’s frightening
where two matches ignite
when two molecules start
fighting the urgent urge
beyond the surface
of each ones comfortability
where nonchalant waves
Never really cared a bit
still nature birthed you
one of its intimate scenery

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