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Poesie Perfume  vegan, cruelty-free, handmade perfume oil ♦️ I ❤️ 📚 big books 👩‍🚀 badass women 🌎adventures 🐶 foster pups ☕ good tea ♦️ info@poesieperfume.com

It’s #NationalFragranceDay so we thought we’d flashback to the scent that started it all! Femme Dangereuse was the first fragrance we released, and still a favorite. Inspired by Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and featuring notes of powdery iris, exotic spices, and skin-warmed leather driving gloves. It’s feminine and sophisticated, but far from sedate.

Thanks to the lovely & talented @misty.granade for this great shot!❤️ Regrann from@misty.granade - Y’all. I’m so freaking excited about my friend @poesieperfume’s spring collection based on nine women artists. 🎨💃✨ Swoon. I’m currently wearing “Faraway, Nearby,” based on #georgiaokeeffe and it is divine. #poesieperfume #womenartists - #regrann

We're so happy to see this one getting some ❤️. Think of it as a gateway carnation scent. Regrann from @elizabeth_vuitton - Sotd: @poesieperfume Lady Disdain. "Fresh carnation petals, spiced vanilla, red velvet musk, soft leather, Moroccan rose, ylang ylang, pink peppercorn." This is another instant favorite. The notes meld together to create this beautiful, fuzzy blanket like scent that envelopes you in warm sunshine. It is a plumeria-like floral scent that is slightly sweet and musky. It gives me a similar feel to A Day and a Night, but the floral version. With wear a slight salty musk becomes more prominent. Great sillage and wear time on this one.
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This is dead gorgeous. Regrann from @fawnrot - A match made in the afterlife 🖤 A tiny ghost in a bottle by @mintcharm and a roller of one of my favourite @poesieperfume blends, Tiny Phantom.
#mintcharm #poesieperfume #perfume - #regrann

It’s Pi Day which would make it irrational to smell like anything other than...pie! We’re slathering ourselves in Cloudless Sky, with notes of apples, strawberry and rhubarb sprinkled in sugar and wrapped in tender pastry, chamomile tea, and forest.

Also we just realized the missed opportunity. We could have called it Cloudless Pie! 🍰☀️

Niki de Saint Phalle exorcised her demons into oversized mythical creations whose surfaces covered with mosaics, messages, and found objects transformed childhood fear into childlike freedom. To encounter her work is to be enchanted.
The Empress stands at the center of Niki’s magnum opus, her Tarot Garden in the Tuscan countryside and she lived in it while work on the Tarot Garden went on. Our interpretation includes a burst of bubblegum, lush gardenia and antique Bulgarian rose blossoms, amber honey, seductive dragon’s blood incense. Fun and childlike on the surface, but containing darker depths beneath.

Currently drunk on: doing absolutely nothing.🍾✨💖

We have the best customers! 😘 Regrann from @andprayersforrain - The Collector Pt. III - Poesie. I found this company later in my hobby, but I'm so glad I did! Joelle excels at youthful and highly wearable, sophisticated scents and generously offers free shipping on all orders. Her new releases seem to have something for everyone, and there's always fun, playful combinations of notes. She is always incredibly sweet and personal in her emails. Prayers for Rain was a custom from a bespoke event she had recently, which was not only super affordable but also ended in a really beautiful fragrance. Can't wait for the next one! @poesieperfume #poesieperfume #indieperfume #nichefragrance #perfumeoil #perfumecollection - #regrann

While you're checking out the new collection, stock up on Echo and Arctic Monkeys! We've added a small quantity of full sizes and minis since so many people weren't able to get them before they were gone. This will be the last chance to get these discontinued fragrances for a while!

Take a look at our new Miss, Behave! Artist edition collection! Featuring 9 new scents inspired by 9 amazing women artists. ▪️Link in bio.▪️

Mokarrameh Ghanbari seems like the perfect exemplar of International Women’s Day. Born in a rural village in 1928, who would have thought she would someday be called “Iran’s own Picasso”? Not to be stopped by a forced marriage, lack of education, or societal disapproval, Mokarrameh Ghanbari picked up a paintbrush at the age of 64, and never looked back. It took tremendous inner strength to pursue her work, but today it speaks for itself.

Remember her story the next time someone says you can’t do something!

Our scent inspired by Mokarrameh Ghanbari will be available tomorrow as part of our Miss, Behave! Artist collection. It evokes comforting, creamy Basmati rice pudding flavored with orange flower water, saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, and dried rose petals, then piled high with sugared pistachios.

Less than 48 hours until our Miss, Behave! Artist Edition collection launches! Which scent are you most excited for?

We can't pick just one, but will admit we ❤️Orion, inspired by the Alma Woodsey Thomas work (on display at @womeninthearts ). This scent is a cloud of cherry-vanilla cola with a twinkle of starfruit and we think it's out of this world. 🌟🚀

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