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Joey P  What's done is done. The night takes everyone.

Had the best day for Holden's birthday party, thanks to everyone who helped celebrate!! #holdenp219

Can't believe you're already 2! Happy birthday, Holden! #holdenp219

Maniac #holdenp219

French toast waffles 💁🏼

When you call me after 5 on a Friday and email 4 times with the ❗️"Urgent!! Please call!" and you want to talk to me about how negative numbers work.

Finally finished this and couldn't be more confused. Gonna need that second season right meow.

Post 2 year check up victory donut (and coffee) pick up #holdenp219

Teaching Holden about good cartoons #holdenp219

Top 5 movie scores of all time. Maybe even top 3.

Reading some books during a shark attack #holdenp219

Excited for this. Had to skip right to episode 2 though.