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Novila Shakina  she was born from the stars and deserves nothing less. singing for @northtoeast✨ CLOUDS MV #CeritaLangitDanAwan👇🏻

if you don’t want me now,
nah i don’t want you later.

thank you @hsctigaempat🙏🏻❤️
👚: @yoliviakrisdianti

and I’ll keep on dreaming, hustling, blooming, till I get somewhere🌻
📸: @gedypark
👚: @yoliviakrisdianti

this is how i feed and please my soul✨🙏🏻
👚: @yoliviakrisdianti
📸: @gedypark

every girl craves for a guy who could sing her this song, whenever she’s in doubt ❤️

our very first MV is out now, this is “Clouds” the single of our upcoming EP Album (will be released later this year) and I’m extremely happy to finally got to share it with you all, as well as collaborating with @rupacreative & @inkmagine to make this moment happened. Soooo, I proudly present, Clouds MV #CeritaLangitDanAwan on youtube! (link on my bio ofc❤️) enjoy, and don’t forget to participate the Clouds Quiz!🤗🤗

hi you guys!
Clouds MV #CeritaLangitDanAwan will be out tomorrow! you guys ready?! cause I am!! make sure to witness the story of Me (Langit) and Awan (@faishal.t) cause we have something exciting for you to guess and participate, tomorrow! 😋🙏🏻❤️
📸: @rupacreative
👚: @inkmagine
Maybe one day I’ll meet you there,
I’ll hold your hands,
Above the clouds... @faishal.t ☁️❤️

been asking him over and over to do this cover since months ago and yea i got neglected,
but I guess I always get what I want after all, DUH
so here it is❤️
Easy by @mmacayres🙌🏻
(and why do i lookin super bubbly here)

i don’t know what’s got into me... since i havent been doing covers for quite some times, i decided to do a cover of this beautiful song while embracing my poor editing skills at the same time😂 go easy on me, and enjoy!
#butterflyflyaway by @mileycyrus❤️

whoever pedro is, and whatever election that he’s running for, i do root for him. #voteforpedro

styled by: @inkmagine 🌻

ask me if i give a sheeet🌻🌻

i’m content of my own happiness #missvanjie

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