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Denise Allen  •Daughter of a King👑Proverbs 31•Neuroscience Graduate🎓•Student Pharmacist💉💊•ANYTHING is Possible•Optimist🌻•Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude🇯🇲

Big up di boss pon him birthday! Happy Birthday daddy!! Love you so much and wish you many, many, many more birthdays to come! ❤️ #Boss #Birthday #ForeverYoung #HealthAndStrength

My besties shower was so perfect! Can't wait to meet my little baby! ❤️ #BabyShower

We made such a great team out there! Great job guys! We needed a little cool down after that midterm today. #Kickball #PSGA #P3Love ❤️

Something within our souls is strengthened due to our imperfections, our rejections, our experiences, our failures, heartaches, love, family and really good laughs. Everyday may not be good, but there's something good in everyday. Create the energy around you. ❤️ #Nature #Hike #Waterfall #Life PhotoCred: @baoem

How cute are they!!! Happy Birthday to my youngest sissy poo! I love you sooooo much and I'm so glad God chose you to be my sissy. Together we all make the most perfect, well balanced, loveable team with sprinkles of greatness through our veins! Wish you many many more birthdays to come and God's richest blessings. ❤️ #Sissy #Nephew #BirthdayBeauty #127 Yuh old eeeeh 😝

What beautiful diversity we have here at PCSP. Today's "Taste of Culture" event was so much fun and such a success! Could not have done it without you all (and those of you who are not pictured)! Thank you! #CelebrationOfDifference #SNPhA #TasteOfCulture

Took graduation composite pictures today. That was just a reminder that I'm that much closer to my Pharm.D. #DrAllen #Doctorate #StudentPharmacist #AlmostThere #2018WhereAreYou #IllSettleForSpringBreakUntilThen 💊💉💊💉

We often tend to take care of others, but we cannot forget to take care of ourselves in the mean time. Be accountable for all of you. Don't put blame on anyone else. Enjoy the little things. Take control. Laugh more. Just do it. (No seriously...update that resume, apply to that job, apply to that school, start that business, create that to do list, clean that house, call that loved one...) Worry less. Release the stress. And have a little fun in between time! 💞

Merry Christmas friends and family! Throughout all the gifts I received, the best gift was being alive and well with my family! ❤️ #GodIsGood #Blessed #Christmas2016

When you catch up with great friends, who have good energy, and eating delicious food = #Win #LoveMyFriends #❤️

💞Everyone Falls in Love Sometimes💞 But who's worthy of forever? #ILoveLove #WeddingFun #Love #Joy #Forever 💍