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Petra Nemcova  Citizen of Universe✨Vegan💚Trouble🌀 Ambassador 4 Chopard,Tumi & Mercedes💥Co-founder of📚manager:

Take a break from your busy life and take the most beautiful discover the powerful simplicity of being alive. ✨💚✨ #PerfectingTheJourney

Just found this photo and it made me miss these angels in #HaitiCherie sooo much. 🇭🇹 Now they are loved & they have the best quality education in the most challenging part of #Haiti in #CiteSoleil because of the love of Caroline Sada, their Pastor and many caring souls which came together after 2010 earthquake. The #PowerOfLove & #PowerOfEducation can brake the circle of powery for them and their children. Let’s not forget #Haiti & these angels. 🙏😇💜😇🙏

Tuning in to the highest frequencies of my #TrueSelf & the Universe so I can help to uplift everyone💫 #WellnessWednesday

One week ago at the #UnitedNations we launched the “STOP DISASTER GAME” ✋ 🛑 ✋ with @UNISDR. Since the devastating fires 🔥 are on everyones mind in the USA, I would love to put attention to this game. This is not a regular game! It teaches students and adults ( you can pick your own level of difficulty) how to protect lives & minimize destruction by taking the right decision prior to disasters.
#EducationProtectsLives #StopDisasters #TakeActionNow

Thank you to all the #FireFighters... Our heroes who are fighting the fires in California and everyday somewhere around the world. They put their lives at stake for others with so much courage. 🙌💜🙏
#Gratitude #CaliforniaFires #EveryDayHeroes #Woolseyfire.

Learning from Jason & the amazing @levis team how they are able to save up to 96% of water normally used in denim finishing. Check out my stories to learn the details and to see “hot pants on fire”. 😉 ❤️😘 #Sustainability #SaveWater #ProtectingPlanet #SustainableSolutions

Feeling sooo lucky to experience this magic... Who loves #SanFrancisco? #NoFilter #RoomWithTheView

I wish soooo much that today on #WorkoutWednesday I could do yoga on @AzulikTulum beach surrounded by nature’s elements. 🧘‍♀ ☀ 🌴 I’m sooo excited to come to #Tulum at the end of the month for a very special occasion. ☺😍👏 PS: Out of this world experience of #Azulik #UhMay. 🤫 #PositiveVibes 🌀#GoodTimes 💜#WellnessWednesday #yogalife #yogapants #TulumVibe

Sending you all my love today America. 🇺🇸 I can’t vote for you, but I pray that you will be active and conscious co-creators of your destiny. #GoVote 🙌🇺🇸🙏 It impact you, your loved ones, your country and whole world! 🌎 🌍 🌏 #Gratitude

Today is the #TsunamiAwarenessDay. 🌊 When mother nature strikes it’s too late to protect ourselves! We are like a grain of sand! Do you, your children and your loved ones know how to recognize early warning signs of a tsunami and do they know what to do?
I grew up in the land lock country without sea or natural disasters, but was caught in the biggest natural disaster of our lifetime. Each of us can be faced with natural disasters and with having just few minutes or seconds to take decision which can me life or death! Please educate your self & your children! Be proactive , not reactive! Then it is too late! Thank you 🙏💜🙏 Today we are re-launching with @UNISDR “Stop disaster “ game which is an educational simulation game that has been designed to support the #UNISDR Safe School campaign. 🙌 #EducationCanSaveLifes 🙌 #LesonsLearned

We are also so excited that @madrazooscar has accepted to become an @happyheartsmx ambassador. 🎉
Thank you for your love for children of #Mexico. We can’t wait to rebuild more disaster resilient schools with you in #Mexico. 💜📚💜

We are so honored that @paolarojas has accepted to become an @happyheartsmx ambassador.
We love her caring heart and longterm commitment to the families of #Mexico. Paola will soon start a monthly #HappyNews on #HappyHeartsMexico work. 😃 So exciting!🎉 We love you Paola. 💜💜💜 *** Muy agradecida con este nombramiento como embajadora de @happyheartsmx Pondré lo mejor de mí para apoyar el trabajo que hace @pnemcova a favor de los niños de México.

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