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Peyton Mack  PGH - Scottsdale - PGH

Good luck to my baby baby on his interview at his favorite shoe and fashion company. Life sucks when you don’t wake up to this hunk but soon enough we’ll be in the actual city. You’re an inspiration to me and drive me to better myself and push myself even though it annoys me. I love love love you. And this night sorry about all the wine hehe

Decades of friendship. Good thing we’re too old to sneak out now. @lissheff

This human being and I have probably the worst luck in America, drive each other insane, moved 2500 miles away together, and literally we still just look at each other and say I love you every day. Here’s to another year baby. We’ve made it almost two so far 😍 @danmersh

When your whole world fits inside of your arms

This is called high fashion.

Never a religious person, I always would accompany my best friends to their services. Prayers to them, their families, and the community @danmersh and I just moved into. The world is so ugly at times, but it makes you put into perspective the difference of what’s important and not. Let’s try to make the change. ❤️ #strongerthanhate

“No caption v brave”

No revenge over here

My personal model in the new apt 🤟

Quick and nimble

Kiara’s clothes >

So many selfies so much time

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