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So Many Fish So Little Time  Angel fish, Bettas, and skinks. Need I say more?

Any suggestions on low light plants? (I’ll be using eco complete substrate)

Merlin’s growing really well. He’s shed three times with me already. He eats super well and is about 16 inches long!

Happy New Years!! I can’t believe how much this account has changed over the years!! Do you have any fish goals for next year? I really want to plant all of my tanks and actually keep up with them 😄

I got an imagitarium 3 gallon and I really like it so far, especially for this small koi betta I have, who speaking of, still needs a name 😉😉

Merry Christmas!! Finally got a make life betta shirt from @tanktees !!! I absolutely love it!!!

I need new pictures....

This male is such a show off 😂

I have a new obsession... Shrimp! I can’t believe I’ve never owned any before 😆 they are so fun and different, and I love their little hands 😂 I only have ghost shrimp atm but I’d like to try and keep other kinds too... any recommendations??

Happy (late) thanksgiving!!
Well my angels laid another batch of eggs, this will be their second one. Crossing my fingers they are fertile this time! 😁

Little snail friend I acquired hanging out in quarantine 🐌with a sneaky neon in the back

This boy makes me so happy, he's getting a rimless cube tank soon. I'm probably gonna plant it and maybe see if he'll get along with some neons. What's your favorite fish to house with bettas? Or do you prefer keeping them alone?

I'm just in love with his colors, can't wait to see him as an adult

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