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not so skinny jeans.  #LowCarbJourney💨. down 107pounds so far. ♉Taurus. 👻snap: LuxChrome. -(mostly personal w/ some fitness stuff) BayArea, Calif.🌊

y’all don’t even know how major this is to me!
my armssss. my fckng arms!!! 😭
my biggest insecurity everrrr. for yearrrrrssss!!
& even though they still are one of my main problem areas.. i have actually gained enough confidence to wear dresses without long sleeves.. & tank tops without a jacket covering them, & tube tops! a tube top? nah that’s fckng crazy. i would neverrrrr do that before. and every time i was going out, i had to wear a long sleeve or something because i haaaated my arms. oh yeah, & i can actually fit jean jackets now! 🙀. im still so shocked. my life is really changing. breaking free. living my best life. stay tuned for my fit & toned journey after i reach my goal weight in about 10 to 20 pounds. im gonna start toning tf out my body. #selfmotivate. #transformationtuesday. #armtransformation. #lowcarbresults.

i’m so happy!! and congrats to everyone who also met their dietbet goal this month! the pot is $690. we will find out how much we get paid tomorrow. 💪🏼💰
but seriously, to me.. what i’m really happy about.. is that with 3 months of my dietbet games, i’ve been able to lose 22 pounds! before the dietbets, i was losing a little motivation & consistency. i was slacking! but since starting these games.. i been staying on track! i might do one more.. not sure 🤔. but i have only 10 more pounds until i reach what i thought was my ultimate goal- 190. i guess i’ll see how i feel when i get there! .. but idk.. i might be aiming for 180 now. at 307lbs, my goal was always 190. but now that i’m 10 pounds away from that— lol we’ll see. swipe to see my numbers progress with the dietbets.
let me know in the comments if i should do one more & if you would join.

my “cheat meal”. but not really. 💪🏼😇
7g of carbs & 55g protein for the whole meal.
#realgoodpizza. #lowcarbhighprotein.

oooohh this is really good for a hot summer day!
tastes like a fake jamba juice— kinda lol.
i added a very small piece of banana because, yknow, carbs. and 2 frozen strawberries (not pictured.) + ice. yum! #lowcarbhighprotein.

i really don’t like my body today. 🙄
hate when that happens.
kinda makes me feel ungrateful., “how dare you hate on yourself?!
don’t start that shit!!! not again!
you love yourself!! remember?
you’ve come so far! & you should be glad!!
do you realize how hard you worked to get where you are?
that shit wasn’t easy! so cheer up btch!
you’re still a work in progress. keep working! stop getting comfortable & go get what you want!”
ok. heard you. 🤞🏼 #selfmotivate. #resultscoming.

it’s hot today!! ☀️
we’re about to head out to the pool.
chicken + tuna + egg salad, on a bed of lettuce.
& you know the rest! 🤤💦
#lowcarblunch. #lowcarbmealprep. #summermeals. #lowcarbhighprotein. #lowcarbresults.

here are some tips to help you NOT ruin all of your hard work & make you start all over on monday 🙄. these seem like some simple & obvious tips.. but how many of them do we reallllly follow? who’s down to have a healthy & successful weekend?!
i’m gonna do everything on this list.
gotta work hard for what you want!
any other tips you recommend??
let me know in the comments!
#healthyweekend. #weekendgoals. #weekendchallenge.

remember when i said i would wear a swimsuit & feel confident + comfortable in it, one day? remember when i said i was gonna work hard asf because i wanted to finally have a “summer body”??! i didn’t say which summer exactly kus i kept effing up, but.. it’s this summer btches!! i mean, my body isn’t perfect.. i’m definitely not done working on it, but im way more confident. finally! finallyyyy! i been working sooo hard to achieve my personal goals & i must say... i’m feeling super proud of my accomplishments. finally a summer i can enjoy to the fullest! thanks everyone who joined the dietbets & the support group back in April. it really helped keep us on the right track for summer 💯 thankyou sooo much friends! i appreciate you all for joining me on the summertime fine journey!! love you! & for those looking to get their results finally- all of this & more is 100% possible for you too! you just gottaaaaa change your mind set. #trusttheprocess. #byebyeFupa! 🤪

cauliflower shrimp fried “rice”.
here’s another simple meal!
i got the cauli-rice from target.
i added minced garlic, seasoning, eggs, & garlic butter and shrimp. you know i had to doctor it up. 👩🏻‍🍳 my “diet” can never be boring or plain because i’ll never stick with it. my food is always flavorful.. but lowcarb + high protein. 💯

so according to my previous post, or swipe to see the workout, it says it’ll burn 1000 calories. i only burned 845 🤷🏻‍♀️. but anyway, it wasn’t super hard to do & it’s still alot burnt.. so i’ll take it. maybe i’ll work extra hard next time to get my heart rate even higher. i definitely recommend this workout if you want something that’s super simple exercises that’ll burn alot of calories at home 👍🏼.

seems so simple.. but yet, 200 squats?! bruh. 😿. well, i love completing a challenge .. and pushing myself out of my comfort zone has given me great results recently. so.. i’ll be testing this theory out tonight. 1000 calories tho? we will see 😩. who’s with me? 💪🏼😹. let me know in the comments with an emoji & let’s push ourselves! i can definitely use a 1000 calorie burn!! if you do the challenge, post your calories burned & tag me! i’ll post mine later when i get off work. #challengeAccepted. 🤭😓😅.

mommy, cousin/brudder, & me ❤️💯💉.

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