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not so skinny jeans.  #LowCarbJourney💨. down 97 pounds so far. ♉Taurus. 👻snap: LuxChrome. BayArea, Calif.🌊

inches lost in my waist & legs 🌚.

thanks to my mom for putting me on to these! i’ve tried so many different protein shakes including powders.. but this ready to drink one is actually the best tasting and easiest for me. i used to steal hers from the fridge & fell in love with them. i really love to put it on ice. so bomb. @noun3y put me on to other flavors but i don’t like any other ones myself. my coworker loves banana & caramel one mixed. ew. 30g protein tho 😻. i get these from costco or safeway. or walgreens has 4-packs. #lowcarbhighprotein.

i hate taking food pix, but hey y’all. #lowcarbMeals. 💚

my cheeks went down 🙀.
i love my slow but steady progress.
don’t get discouraged when you think it’s taking longer than you’d like. you’ll get there if you stay consistent! believe me, every day counts. & in the end, you’ll be proud! #lowcarbjourney.

#tbt to when i kinda had abs forming!!
i’m actually thinner now because i for sure can’t fit those jeans anymore 🤔.. but i also fasho don’t have abs anymore either. 😹lol oh well. one day, maybe. it’s funny how your body changes at all stages tho. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #fitnessjourney.
remember to love yourself through it all!

homemade salad for the win 💚.
kale, grilled seasoned chicken, olives, cucumber, olive oil + vinaigrette with sunflower seeds! it’s lit. oh i added a little quinoa. barely any. but i was feeling healthy by adding it to my kale salad. 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol. i’m gonna have an orange too because i’m craving it. & ice water with a straw lol. #lowcarbmeals. #lowcarbdiet. #lowcarbnotketo.

it takes a fckng LOT for me to give up on someone. so if i give up on you.. just know i did everything i could!! 🤦🏻‍♀️
now its fck you.

dis little piggy stayed home.

"cause baby in a world full of dancers--
you still are the answer. these other girls nothin to focus on." ⚡️

face your fears.
change can be super fckng scary.
so many what ifs & unknowns..
but you deserve to be happy again.
take a risk for yourself. you're worth it.
fitness or non fitness related. life period.

New Year's Day.
a fresh start.
a new chapter in life waiting to be written!
i cannot wait. i've discovered so much about myself in 2017.
& it's true, i have changed.
i've grown so much! i'm looking forward to unlocking more levels, enjoying my new found inner happiness, focusing more on health than physical appearance--while still showing off my fine ass this summer kus i earned it lol, and making more lasting memories with my sonshine. thankyou baby for always being my motivation & number one supporter every single year. for you to be only 6, you really get me. we got a vibe. you are the most important person in my life & it's me and you forever & ever. we going up. mama setting the foundation. levels to this shit baby.
thankful for my life lessons! i got us. 💛

i slimmed up a bit 💘.
about an 80ish pound difference here.
i remember that day- in the before pic.
smh.. i remember how unhappy i was.
i'm just soo proud of how far i've come mentally. which is loving myself at every stage of my journey & getting rid of all the negative things that you're scared to let go of but it's worth it in the end!! 💞

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