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+Object designer’s team has absolutely another vision of every element of décor.

So, you can find art objects of different shape and size in our collection😘

In the presented photos you can see how universal our products are.

Using panels as a furniture covering material you can turn cabinet or an outdoor sink into an art object.

Color palette could be adjusted according to your requirements.

Panels in Aqua texture are our visiting card. The most interesting is that they look different in every project.

On the photos you can see such projects, as BestStone Boutique, Oberig Boutique where walls are covered with these panels. They are absolutely organically integrated into the interior design and at the same time look absolutely differently.

The floral pattern on the frame with highlight which emphasizes the elegance and extraordinary texture of glass – it is all about the Mirror by +Object We always produce not just an ordinary item we produce objects of art.

Simple, clear, but at the same time ingenious shape of this decor piece is delightful.

Especially when you know it is made out of glass. Cells Black is more than just a vase.

First of all, it is a unique work by the +Object craftsmen.

Size, mm: 495x70

Do you want us to develop a cup or a unique gift specially for you? Leave your information, and our managers will contact you.

Our panels are incredibly aesthetic, versatile in use, durable and easy to install. All of that makes such material an ideal cladding solution. In the presented photos you can see how universal our products are.

+Object items produced with the use of unique technological development.⠀
Such as glass melting with titanium coating, enhanced application of colors and textures, fixation of necessary colors.⠀

The designers Panorama De Luxe Hotel created the warm atmosphere in the bar interior by combining natural, pleasant to touch textures with wall panels from the glass in vivid green color (Green Planet).🍏🍐🐢🐊

55 amazing drops, gathered in one composition, will convert any space into an amusing illusion world. 💞

Gorgeous Bride and 55 Drops Wall Composition 😍💍😊

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All because two people fell in love...
Все потому, что двое людей влюбились…

Credit/фото: @kinder_surprizik

Kiln formed textured glass wall panels are some of +Object most popular glass products.⠀

For example, they are certainly a favourite of many high end interior designers.

Texture Palm Tree in new color

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