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Memes And Dreams  Just some cool kids ~kaylee ~indigo ~rux ~bori ~jack ~josue Ecks dee

wholesome ~bori

beloved ~indigo

hah my sister ~indigo

oh no ~indigo

Even though it sounds bad, I’d probably still buy these for my dinner if I have enough money to buy something other than Cup Of Noodles ~ Josue

I COULDNT STOP LAUGHING ABOUT THIS ALL DAY ALSo i had such a good day today we had school off so me n my best bud went roller skating & the place was completely empty except for us & & then we went to the mall w his sister & we hung out in the comic shop & then he tried to teach me how to skateboard & i suck & we watched a bunch of anime & then met up w my girlfriend & went roller skating again & then we all went to this chinese restaurant at 10pm that gives me intense nostalgia & bought cookies & they were playing daft punk & tame impala & the gorillaz it was honestly rad lmao ~indigo

peanuts are called peanuts because pee is stored in the nuts ~indigo

A good example of a bad thing ~kaylee.

~ Josue

if u were feeling lonely this valentine’s day don’t fret, he’s single ~ibdigo

HAJSBNDNA also if y’all’re interested my personal account’s @ilovestandingup y’all should go follow if u wanna see more of me lol ~indigo

yall my girlfriend spoiled me & got me a ton of shit for valentine’s i love her sm im blessed ~indigo

y’all why was this was actually me in 6th grade ngl ~indigo

only gamers will EVER understand ~indigo

me ~indigo


i want bob to be my valentine ~bori

Have I ever told y’all how much I want to fucking die? ~ Josue

y’all this the realest ~indigo

Hi. I took Josue’s phone to post this quality meme. Don’t @ me. If this gets 1000 likes I will identify myself. ~josue’s unidentified friend

shi ~bori

Honestly ~ Josue

I mean I don’t have depression but if I did and somebody told me that, then they getting knocked tf out ~ Josue

Anyone 💁🏻‍♀️ ~kaylee.
ALSO comment ur sc names if you wanna start a streak w me 🙂

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