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Ploughshares Fund  Invest in Peace and Security. Reduce and eventually eliminate #nuclearweapons & promote stability where they exist. Proud supporter of #IranDeal.

Virginia Harris made this #quilt to call attention to the problem of #nuclear weapons. It is displayed in the hall, warmly greeting visitors. Thank you!

Today, we were honored to hear one of the foremost scholars on issues of gender in global politics, Carol Cohn. Feminist perspectives are crucial in building a world free of nuclear weapons threats.

Senator @edmarkey is a longtime champion of nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation, working harder than ever to stop nuclear weapons threats in the Trump era. We were honored to have him visit our San Francisco office today!

Fantastic turnout yesterday, supporting #sanfrancisco @supervisor_katy_tang's resolution against reckless nuclear rhetoric, and for restricting first use of nuclear weapons without congressional authorization. Coming soon to a city near you! #BeyondtheBomb

We were honored to have #DanielEllsberg come speak with us in San Francisco yesterday. He spoke about the #DoomsdayMachine and the pressing need to dismantle it. Fascinating book, learn more here

#givingtuesday is HERE! With the majority of our donors over 60, this year were challenging 100 donors under 35 to invest any amount in a future without nuclear weapons. Join us in taking a stand against nuclear weapons with a donation to Ploughshares Fund today! #givingtuesday #itsuptous

Thank you @watsonpayne for making #thisweeksdonation and this crafty version of our badge!

Ploughshares Fund aims to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons, and to promote stability where they do exist. Learn more about monthly giving.

#FarshadFarahat, Tom Collina and Philip Taubman at #ChainReaction2017. Here to discuss the TWIN THREATS: #NuclearWeapons and #ClimateChange!

#JohnKerry arriving at #ChainReaction2017 to discuss #ClimateChange and #NuclearWeapons: the TWIN THREATS

PhilipYun, Ploughshares Fund ED, and Melissa are ready for #ChainReaction2017

NBC Bay Area is here. Looks like they're ready for #ChainReaction2017 with #JohnKerry in #SanFrancisco! #ClimateChange and #NuclearWeapons: #WeInvestigate the TWIN THREATS

We're excited to be getting ready for #ChainReaction2017 in #SanFrancisco with #JohnKerry!

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