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Pll fan boy  Pretty little liars videos •Brendan liked 1x

Omg I felt so bad for Ali😩

I love Hanna so much and I love how she defended Spencer

Omg poor Emily. I'm glad that Emily killed him bc he killed Maya and tried to kill Paige and Emily

This episode made me cry omg Mona

Still can't get over this scene omg😩

When Alison came back ICONIC scene🔥

Omg this scene has me shook

I felt a lil bad for Jenna but she totally deserved it

omg this part has me shook👀
The song goes to well with this scene tho

Ali's first day back to school🙊

"I& #39;m ready to hang a sign bitch can see” ICONIC

Omg this scene 🔥 poor Aria she was really hurt

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