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Michael Sweater  🙃read comics or go to hell🙃 🐶Co-editing @goodboymag 🐶 🤠November Tattoo Tour🤠 Sanctum Tattoo AL Nov 16-17 Hendra Tattoo PA Nov 20-21 More TBA!

The book where I finally learn to draw more good. Maybe.

Happy Edge Day to all of my straight edge or sober friends and readers. I love you. Stay drug free!

Did you see @goodboymag got a stellar review on The Comics Journal? They said we were "Better than @fantagraphics because there is no Daniel Clowes stuff with the weird panels where the character is looking right at you." Real content again soon.

My read comics poster is in the background of the new season of American Vandal. Thanks for the heads up @holysmokes_ !

Good Boy magazine has very enthusiastic fans already!?? Who did this? Also will be posting real #spx updates soon. It was magical. Love you.

If you are at SPX I am marrying my beautiful partner @benjinate for realsies and we would love for you to join us. It's at 7:30 in the Glenn Echo room! Love u!

I forgot to post about this! I'm going too be here!

Come out TONIGHT in Philadelphia and see some @goodgoodcomedy and also me trying to not step all over it!!!

Howdy. Thank everyone so much for the support on the Kickstarter. We are going to do our best to start something amazing that will hopefully keep going for the next decade. I am going to be offline for a few days to decompress. Love you!

Holy shit, last post before we are done! More money means more cool stuff we get to do! Wow! Link in biooooooo

We sold my hair and there is now only 24 hours left at ! Link in bio! Art is fun!

Last few days to get in on America's favorite alternative comics magazine! Every reward tier now gets THREE entire additional magazines including a separate comics punk lofi trash fire magazine I am editing called Enjoy! We would love to have you along for the ride at
Also please tell your friends! Love u!

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