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Overwatch  #Overwatch. FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE! ESRB rating TEEN for Blood, Violence, and Use of Tobacco. Visit for rating information.

Go on... Give it a shake! 🎁
KRAMPUS JUNKRAT art by @cypritree.

It’s good to be bad.
Get on the naughty list as KRAMPUS JUNKRAT (Legendary)! Overwatch Winter Wonderland begins Dec 11.

Were you expecting a miracle?
FIGURE SKATER SYMMETRA art by @cwgabriel

Put your enemies on ice.
Rise up the rinks as FIGURE SKATER SYMMETRA (Legendary)! Overwatch Winter Wonderland begins Dec 11.

Ah, exquisite!

BIATHLON WIDOWMAKER art by @dashianart

A most impressive display.
SUGAR PLUM FAIRY MERCY art by @faebelina.

Ready to win frost place!
Go for the gold as BIATHLON WIDOWMAKER (Legendary)! Overwatch Winter Wonderland begins Dec 11.

Straight from Sweetzerland.
Play as pixie perfect SUGAR PLUM FAIRY MERCY (Legendary). Winter Wonderland returns Dec 11.

Oh, special delivery on the way.
ARCTIC FOX LÚCIO art by @onstaa.

Level up your sleet skills.
Powder up your game as ARCTIC FOX LÚCIO! 🦊
Winter Wonderland begins Dec 11.

Strong as the mountain.
SNOWBOARDER ZARYA art by @michaelmatsumoto

Pawsitively fursome.
Maul opponents as SNOWBOARDER ZARYA (Legendary)! Winter Wonderland begins Dec 11!

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