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Paye Tina  Dragon warrior. Yoga since 2012. Yoga advocate/teacher. 🇨🇭 🇹🇼 third culture kid. Foodie. Entrepreneur 🤘babygirl ➡️ella_sophie_hurley


Our office, gym, Ella's playground, Marc's reading space, my yoga studio. This is our life, and I freaking love it! 😉🤸‍♂️🤹‍♀️🎨🏋️‍♀️🍫☄️⛑💃#bakasanajumpback #chaturangadandasana #yogamoms

My wrist! My bakasana! Good things are so worth to wait. #timeheals #7monthspostpartum

Wrist is pretty much fully recovered 🔥⚔️ I've been committed to my practice while it heals. I feel so proud. It hurt so much and bothered me a bunch, I thought perhaps there's not an end to it. I'm a warrior mama! Sometimes I am so ready to have another one... but actually I want some time with my baby girl, this time is so special - she imitates me when I do yoga, babbles and has her own little head. Can't wait till I can do partner yoga with her! #7monthspostpartum #fitmom #multitasking

Adho Mukhasvanasana
Spread your fingers wide, point your index fingers straight forward. Press your finger pads down. Inhale, lift your hips towards the ceiling, press you thighs back. Exhale, relax your neck and shoulders, outer shoulders rolling out, tone the forearms. Engage your core by pressing fingers toward the feet and feet toward the hand. Feel the strengthen and stretch in this pose. #babyyogini #babyguru #ellasophie #downdog

BABY YOGA SERIES I// Supta Upavisthakonasana
Grab big toes with index and middle fingers. Inhale, open your legs wide, exhale, feel the stretch in your hamstring and inner thighs 👌 #ellasophie #babyyogini #babyguru

6 months postpartum- 4 months of battling with my wrist, 3 months of no upside down yoga and struggling with postpartum anxiety.
But it feels like Ella has been here all along. My life is so full ❤️🙏. #motherhood #life #parenthood #Light

Happy international yoga day!!! #newborn #yogamat #tbt #practiceon #EllaSophie

Hi mamas, I am intending to open up an online course called Yoga for Mothers which mothers can practice yoga at home. I realise there is little material on yoga for postpartum recovery. This course is suitable for all mothers 8 weeks postpartum and wish to do gentle exercises at home. I’ve weaved in teaching experience and postpartum practice so the content is unique. We will cover Gentle Flow, Yin, Meditation, Yoga with baby/toddlers. The classes are taught constructively and useful for daily life. You will have a stronger body posture and understand how your muscle are connected with one another; and you will feel more connected with your body and mind as we loose a bit of that during pregnancy and after delivery. Also, if you suffer from any body pains and aches, this is the class for you.
There is a target to hit in 20 days, if you sign up now it’s a special rate. Link in bio or go to this link to see intro video and more class details.


Feel free to share. Thanks so much in advance and looking forward to practice together! I’d be happy to answer any questions or concerns.

p.s. if you do not speak/read Chinese at all and wish to sign up for the class, please let me know.
媽媽們看這裡!在我生完 Ella 之後發現身材不容易恢復之外,身體變得比較虛。 所以勾起我的動力為媽媽們創造了量身打造的瑜珈課程。讓媽媽們除了可幫助身材恢復,產後賀爾蒙的平衡之外,更可以調整照顧寶寶的肌力運用方式,以減少因長時間照顧寶寶而產生的腰酸背痛。讓媽媽們覺得有了寶寶之後,自己生活得更充實。課程裡有陰瑜珈、流動瑜珈、冥想、親子瑜珈⋯等等四個多小時的課程時間。媽媽們會瞭解如何正確運用自己不同重要肌肉群, 而不是用自己的身體去輔助寶寶的姿勢。如果你很想接觸瑜珈但都沒有機會往外跑,這堂課很適合你的!另外有兩堂跟子女練習瑜珈的課程。


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