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Steve Tracy 

Quick trip to check up on father.
At 97 more than holding his own !

Continued copper plating blocking polishing get to the perfect wave free finish.

Speed networking for global resourcing, product and program management.#ASU

Here we are so close to nickel chrome

In and out a dozen times. Now back to copper-block-fit-repeat-repeat-repeat

All dressed down and ready for copper.

Wish we had a way to test these BEER Multi Tap Housings..gone is Stainless, in is CHROME.#advancedplating#beer

There it is ready to be shaped and gapped to window opening..still have to run top and other side...oh and rear window frame also.#timetogetthingsdone

Starting on the front. Into the zone.#advancedplating#DSE#greateight

Okay. 3 more sides of the back to go and then onto the front. I have got use more flux to make this flow like a river..and slow up to balance and increase direct heat to slow and flow of the leaded solder.#advancedplating #dse

Here it goes ! Leading the back first...great wat to practice !

The gap was so large. The solid cable worked great filled the void. Now the lead has something to bind

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