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  Plastik Surgery Workshop by Lunartik: Teaching the art of resin Art-Toy production since 2010 β€’ Kindly supported by Smooth-on & Super Sculpey

Nice little pieces popping off a home made injection moulding tool by @jamienoguchi nice work!!

Been a bit busy making concrete skateable art recently. Concrete is so much fun to work with, shipping is a bloody nightmare :) @lunartikjones #fingerboarding

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Lovely watching Sketching become reality - @greasebat is always worth a follow :)

Check out the amazing works by @haroshi

Our good friend and superstar maker @ibreaktoys needs just a few more backers and her dreams of making the leap from resin to vinyl will become a reality!!! You can help by supporting her campaign on #kickstarter today!! #designertoys #vinyltoys #arttoys

With his finger on the pulse, @ryca_artist has these new Lord Buckethead figures ready to go go go VOTE NOW!! #plastiksurgery

Acid Green Tongues for the BIG LICKER a new vinyl art toy from @lunartikjones coming soon!! #BIGlicker

@colus giving us a sneak peek of his latest work.

Lovely work by @tobey_toy really nice concept.

Bill looking rather blue in the inspired "Life Aquatic" piece by @codeczombie killing it in resin :)

Keep up with the BIG Licker vinyl production over at @lunartikjones :)

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